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Childless Couples Should Choose Surrogacy technique to have Their Baby


What is Surrogacy ?

For all those people who have ever heard of Surrogacy in Hyderabad but are unaware of the term Surrogacy , it is the medical technique of having a baby in the womb of some other woman. This technique is a god gift for all the childless couples seeking for a new family member. On paper, it may seem very intricate, but it isn’t that complex and Kiran Infertility Center in the city makes it simpler.

Which Women should Prefer Surrogacy?

Women who are:

• Not fit to handle pregnancy

• Recurrent pregnancy

• Having health issues with the uterus

• Facing consistent miscarriages

• Malformation of the womb

• Hysterectomy

Phases of Surrogacy

Before you wish to have a baby with Surrogacy technique , you need to understand it first. The 3 important phases which Kiran Infertility center consider for Surrogacy in Hyderabad are:

• Egg donatio n: In this phase, the person who is to donate eggs is made to pass through several treatments so that the required number of eggs can be extracted

• Fertilization : The 2nd phase deals with the fertilization of semen and egg in a well-equipped laboratory.

• Transfer : The last stage is about transferring the fertilized eggs into the womb of the surrogate mother.

Factors on which Surrogacy depends upon:

Some important factors on which the chance of getting a baby depends upon are as follows:

• Ability of the Surrogate Mother in concern with pregnancy

• Accomplishment rate of IVF treatment

• Quality or Features of gametes

• Egg donor’s age

Risks of surrogacy in India

There are many risks involved in manifold treatments, and yes Surrogacy is also one of them. The major risks are linked with the kind of surrogacy treatment you wish to opt for. However, the risks involved are quite similar to the risks in a conventional IVF treatment.

The person who is chosen to donate egg is supposed to be checked thoroughly under a series of treatments so that the chances of transmission of diseases like Hepatitis, Aids or HIV can be screened off. A good doctor is one who will ensure that the urrogate mother , as well as the donor, is made to undergo the required treatment processes. So it very important that an experienced doctor who has handled such cases, should be consulted, as chances of success will be higher. Kiran Infertility Center has best team of professionals for conducting the whole process and they take charge of all the medical and legal issues involved too.

Steps to Surrogacy

1st step: Finding the appropriate Surrogate

There are several online communities who can provide you Gestational surrogates in exchange for a good amount of money.

2nd Step: Donation of Egg/Sperm & Fertilization

The sperm collection is just an easy initial part but going through a series of medical tests can take several days. The fertilization process usually takes about 2 months

3rd Step: The Embryo Transfer

Out of all the embryos produced, the best one is chosen for transfer. Afterward, it takes about 14-15 days for the transfer of the selected Embryo.

4th Step: Pregnancy & Care

After a successful pregnancy is known, then comes the pregnancy care. In developing countries, the Gestational Surrogate is taken care of in a surrogate house; which isn’t the case in developed nations.

5th Step: Baby Birth

The convenient date is chosen for delivery of the baby and after some treatments, the baby is given to the indented parents.