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Khurram Shahzad

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Children's bed 15 ideas to choose the best


The children's room is a space that must be thought through in an integral way since each piece of furniture must be in accordance with the child's training and development process. Generally, it is thought of the spaces for the game, the furniture in which toys and clothes can be ordered, as well as the decorative and transitory elements within the room. The colors and decoration motifs must always have a reason for being since each child is a world and its development cannot be standardized.

At homify we think of these useful ideas for you to choose the child's bed appropriately.

Bunk beds

They are important in the design of children thanks to the fact that they allow their constant interaction with children their age and the development of the famous pajama parties. Socialization is important during the child's growth because it provides confidence and security, key aspects for the training of successful adults.

Camouflaged with the wall

This design is quite striking since each of the elements has a reason for being and they are combined with space, thus giving the feeling of a unified space that gives the child sensations of security, quite important in the formation of his character and personality. These designs must be versatile and easy to adapt for the future and constant changes.

Twin beds

This type of design will bring uniformity to the room, allowing a simple design suitable for an age in which changes are constant and space, where you interact most of the time, require significant versatility. Best Kids Beds

This design is usually very elegant and simple, providing balance and equality to children when they share the room is an important factor to take into account when making this decision.

Multifunctional spaces

Multifunctional spaces are ideal in the children's room where not only rests, but play activities are essential during the development and growth process of each child. These spaces manage to free up an area for the game to develop in a much more appropriate and fun way, so interior designers prefer to opt for this type of design.

Wooden beds

Wood is a material that is found in almost all furniture in any interior design and it is no wonder, wood represents one of the most resistant materials, so its use in a children's room is successful. The game and enough energy that the children discharge, will not affect the appearance of these beds that will also make the child's room harmonious and balanced in terms of image and function.


The accessories cannot be missing in a children's bed, where each element represents a function and generates harmony in a visual way, making the child feel he owns his space and can interact in it independently. For this reason, do not forget to put some cushions on the bed with familiar shapes for it and soft to the touch.

Furniture under the bed

Order must be instilled in people from childhood, so rooms must be fully accessible to the child. Generating compartments at your fingertips where you can organize your toys will develop the least responsibilities that will evolve over time. Chests of drawers under the bed are a great idea, avoiding the accumulation of unnecessary things that used to be left under it.

For the older ones

You must bear in mind that the child goes through various stages before reaching adolescence. For this reason, rooms must be versatile and beds must be constantly growing, so as far as possible you should choose to buy a bed that resists all these types of changes.

Children's bed 15 ideas to choose the best


Create balances between adolescence and adulthood with the management of colors and balanced designs that do not make the room completely sober avoiding showing an image that is too childish.

Designs according to age

Each child is a world and each age has an important development pattern to follow so that their room generates the stimulation you want in each of its stages of development.

Shared rooms

When you are a boy and a girl to share the room, it is important to create balanced designs where the two feel comfortable and owners of their space, using appropriate colors that complement each other and are pleasant for each child. The beds on the other hand can follow the same language, while the variation can be found with the blankets and cushions.

Functionality and simplicity

Provide children with functional spaces where play and rest are combined, making the room space suitable for rest.

Bunk beds and space solutions

Bunk beds are the best spatial solutions especially when you have a large family because they offer various spaces for rest and large free areas for play.

Compact spaces

These spaces allow the child to have various functions such as study, play and rest within the room without having to go to another place, which will generate independence and better development of the individuality of each one.

Creativity and originality

Let your imagination run wild and develop original spaces so that not only the game but the rest experience is different and pleasant, through shapes and colors that transmit tranquility and also look great.