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Christmas: 10 deco of the show at the top!


For the holidays, the show is on its 31st for a pleasant, even magical atmosphere. Cocooning atmosphere, traditional or more neutral colors, light garlands, fir branches, DIY deco... Accessories and decorative objects spread the magic of Christmas into the living room.

The magic of Christmas is invited in the living room! And yes, the Christmas decor is not limited to the tree and spreads throughout the living room. Also, what better way to fully experience the end of the year festivities than to play the game thoroughly through a festive decoration? While red and white and the iconic Christmas motifs are traditionally in the spotlight, the festive decor of the salons is also more modern and refined. Colorful decor, cozy and warm atmosphere, contemporary interior ... All styles are waiting for you in the living room for Christmas.

The fir trees and the starred motifs remain the undisputed masters of the Christmas decor, but the big trend is cocooning, purity and the return to nature ... To find the style of decor that suits your interior the most, discover the 10 most beautiful Christmas moods in the living room!

Christmas is displayed on the walls of the living room

If the place is lacking in the living room, nothing like investing the walls to hang a Christmas decorating space! In a corner of the living room, a luminous star found its place against a wall, above a wooden console. Just behind a garland suspended from the ceiling, an illustration of snowy fir stands on the partition as an alternative to the real fir, sometimes too cumbersome.

A lounge with a subtle Christmas decor

This salon has adopted the spirit of Christmas with subtlety. Without fuss or big pageantry, the stay put on a festive decor but discreet. If a fir tree stands in the middle of the room, it has been dressed in simple ornaments in neutral tones. To finalize the decor, a golden garland runs along the wall while a star made from branches plays hide and seek behind a snowy landscape.

Cozy atmosphere and cozy atmosphere in the Christmas lounge

Sometimes, it is enough to transform the living room into a convivial and festive corner for the end of year celebrations. As in this corner fireplace , have a multitude of candles on the ground , put on cushions and a fluffy carpet faux fur and drop a beautiful light garland cascading from the edge of the fireplace. The decorative touch that kills? The DIY star made from branches placed above the fireplace. Coiled in a sparkling garland, it shines brightly.

An abstract fir tree as a wall decoration in the living room

The atmosphere is perfect in the living room for Christmas! In this cozy corner, the Nordic spirit is out. A small faux fur rug adorns the wooden floor, while a simple silver garland adorns the wicker armchair. The icing on the cake? The DIY tree made from fir branches hanging on the wall of the living room.

The fireplace corner of the living room looks like a party

A fireplace, fir branches, reindeer, candles ... The classic Christmas codes are here used and revisited in a fun way. We particularly appreciate the logs decorated with light garlands.

A Shabby Chic and Nature Party Decor for the Holidays

Nature, almost wild awakens this living room with chic and clear decor. Special mention for ferns, illuminated by candles, cascading wooden beams, as if nature had resumed its rights.

Christmas: 10 deco of the show at the top!

An indus lounge at the holiday season

Faux fur, nature prints, animals, wood fir ... Here are a few ingredients that will bring your living room industrial air celebrations, very authentic. The recipe works, look at this show instead!

At Christmas, a pop air blows in this retro lounge

The Christmas balls, all in color and shine, boost this potted tree. The pop ornaments are in perfect harmony with the decoration of this living room tinged with vintage notes.

A chic graphic Christmas decor for the living room

These are the black and white lines that punctuate this living room for the holidays. We particularly like the tree drawn on the wall with its pompom garland that seems to respond to the small trees printed on the cushion of the sofa.

A Christmas decor as warm as the living room

In shades of beige, this salon spreads an impression of comfort; feeling enhanced by the use of mesh on the carpet, cushions and the upholstery of the chair. Even the Christmas decor is bending: suspensions, star, fir trees and the inevitable woolen sock.

Christmas decor- letsdiskuss

And also ... A living room with cozy decor for Christmas

You want to reinforce the cozy spirit of your living room for the holidays? Install a beautiful big tree, accumulate the cushions on the sofa, add a plaid to warm you up. Regarding the small decor, bet on candles (here: on the floor, the table, and the chimney rim), and think of the inevitable as the stars, Santa Claus and socks. The decoration of this salon comes in a shades of sweet and natural chestnuts.

A minimalist Christmas lounge decor

Giving his living room a holiday atmosphere is not important. Here on my deal outdoor lounge settings and more ideas about home décor, and also you can get huge home decoration furniture according to your home interior with huge list of furniture and home appliances, simple paper fir trees placed on the low tables breathe into this room a winter wind, invigorating.