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Cold Sores


5 Super-Effective Natural Ways for How to get rid of Cold Sores

A tingling sensation on your face, around the lip or on the nose is warning you about the arrival of cold sores. These fluid-filled bumps on your face ruin your look and get unwanted attention. So what should you do? On the very first sign of the appearance of cold sores try some simple home remedies that effectively treat the cold sores and resolve all your troubles. This article provides you with some super easy ways for how to get rid of cold sores.

What causes Cold Sores?

Cold Sores also known as fever blisters are caused by Herpes Simplex Virus 1 (HSV). As cold sores are a result of a viral infection, these are extremely contagious. These get spread easily; hence you need to be careful with them and get them treated as soon as possible.

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Once you start getting cold sores, these would keep on occurring all through your life with breaks in between as the virus stays in your body for the lifetime. While most of the time the virus remains dormant, certain factors may activate it causing cold sores. Some of them are


Hormonal changes

Viral Infection


Weak Immune system

Excessive exposure to the sun

Cold Sores symptoms

Following are the symptoms of cold sores

A painful, burning or itching sensation

Blisters on lips, nose, throat, and mouth

Pain in mouth or throat due to blisters


Body ache

Swelling in the neck

How to get rid of a Cold Sore naturally?

Cold sores occur due to viral infections. While the virus stays in your body lifelong, the cold sores disappear on their own within ten days of their appearance. These come and go once the virus has infected you. While the virus cannot be completely eliminated from the body, you can treat the cold sores and ensure their quick healing.

If you wish to get rid of those unsightly and painful cold sores, then try some simple cold sores remedies mentioned here. These aid in the quick healing of the cold sores. The natural remedies for how to get rid of cold sores effectively treat the cold sores and give you fast results.

Foods that can help treat cold sores

1. How to treat cold sores with Garlic?

One or two cloves of Garlic a day can keep all the infections at bay. Yes, garlic is the magical kitchen ingredient with some remarkable properties that make it useful for treating various infections including cold sores. Here is how garlic can help heal cold sores on the face(1).

How to use?

Take a clove of fresh garlic

Crush it and apply it directly on the cold sore

Repeat this remedy for two to three times a day to get the desired results.

Alternatively, you can also eat garlic on an empty stomach in the early morning to cure the infection from inside.

Benefits of Garlic

Garlic has potent antiviral and antiseptic properties which make it an effective remedy against cold sores. It has excellent healing properties that speed-up the treatment of the cold sores. Thus, you can use it to get rid of cold sores.


Application of garlic may cause skin irritation or development of rashes. Those with sensitive skin must rub a small amount of garlic on their arm to check their skin’s sensitivity to it. If it stings badly, then immediately wash the area and do not use this remedy.

Cold Sores