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It is important to the sector you want to venture in when searching for real estate jobs, is it the commercial sector or the residential sector in Weymouth? They both have their pros and cons and requires different qualifications. So, this guide below aims to help you choose the sector that is right for you.

General contractor weymouth Sector

The Major Differences: compared to residential properties, it takes a longer period of time for lease/ ownership, and commercial properties also experience lower tenant turnover. Also, the population of people actively looking for commercial space is limited, so this leads to less frequent demands for commercial real estate agents or realtors. Aside from that, the property appreciation in the commercial sector depends significantly on the profit and not the surrounding properties.

Factors for Success: The commercial sector requires a vast and broad understanding of everything concerning the market as a whole, and also requires an understanding of the factors that influence sales in a particular area. So, it is advisable to first start with the residential sector for some years, so that you can gain more knowledge there and then apply that knowledge to the commercial sector later on. You can even choose to specialize further into office or retail spaces later on in the commercial sector.

Residential Sector

The Major Differences: this sector is very tied to individual’s day to day activities, so it is important for a professional real estate agent to understand the surrounding area in which they are serving. Also, the turnover rate for the residential properties tend to increase greatly, so this leads to a greater demand for real estate agents and some other professionals involved in listing and selling in this sector.

Factors For Success: as a real estate agent, working in this sector places you in a close connection with peoples or clients personal lives. So you need to be respectful and also more understanding so that you can engage with the clients in a way that will suit their needs and requests. You will also need to have good customer service skills and also be willing to plan in respect to the client's schedules.