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Common Errors in Video Production


Common Errors in Video Production

The production of videos is an adventure that requires the application of some tricks to generate the impact we want. Because yes, creating audiovisual content is not as simple as many think.

Unfortunately today many film and video production companies and brands often make mistakes that are very common in the video production sector. Let's see what they are.

Put communication barriers to the audience

Limiting the participation of the spectators is a big mistake, you have to invite them to interact or simply to express an opinion about the brand.

And it is true, in the production of videos it is key to transmit an idea, a message or communicate what the company offers, but never forget the needs of consumers.

What do we recommend? That you dedicate a segment of the video to the interaction with the audience. Ask them about what they would like to improve the product or service, this will make them feel involved and will allow you to get ideas for the business to grow.

Do not customize the video

To be excessively formal is no longer a must for brands or companies, the more you personalize the video the receptivity will be much greater. But do not exaggerate, the ideal would be to achieve a point of balance, although this depends on your target.

What is clear is that you must customize the video. How? Creating a conversation with yourself, imagining that you have someone in front who wants to know what you are doing, why, how, etc.

Try to empathize with the audience and imagine what doubts they might have, then formulate these questions in the video and answer them using the closest and funniest language. Create scenarios or integrate elements that give play to the production.

Of course, try to build a conversation that does not depart from the idea or message you want to convey. We recommend that you find out what kind of conversation your audience likes; If you ask shorter or longer questions, for example.

Use your video as a recruitment tool

Once you have finished the conversation in the video, you only have to publish the material on your brand page, landing page, blog and on the social platforms where you have the most audience.

Do not forget that the content can be played on any smart mobile device, either Tablet or smartpone. Not taking advantage of this is ignoring the power of the videos.

So use the material as a tool to capture potential customers, share it from your Instagram story to a facetime. Of course, all while interacting with them on these platforms, not only is it enough to publish the content and now.

Do not obtain data and statistics from the video

Obtaining data from the dissemination of the video is extremely valuable because it allows you to get relevant information and, it helps you to know more about the behavior of the audience so that you determine what they really like.

This means that if you want to improve the responsiveness of your videos, you must quantify the results of the production through statistics and metrics tools.

Now that you know the common mistakes in the production of videos, we advise you to follow our advice so that you expand the possibilities o