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Common Interview Questions You Need to Know!


Common Interview Questions You Need to Know!

For any candidate, facing an interview can be quite an intimidating process. There is always this pressure of securing a job at the back of his/her mind and not knowing the kind of questions that might be asked can make it worse. Combined fear and anxiety might even make him/her fumble during the interview which would reduce his/her chances of getting selected.

Hence, we have compiled a list of common questions that are generally asked during interviews!

1.“Tell us something about yourself!”

This question might seem very simple at the surface level, and you might even feel like saying a lot of things about yourself, right from your childhood to your family. But, try to understand that the interviewer is not at all interested in knowing all the inconsequential details of your life. This is actually an opportunity for you to let him know why you are perfect for the job. Tell him briefly about all the jobs that you have done, about your professional achievements and also the experience you have gathered over the years.

2.“What do you know about our company?”

You obviously need to do your homework before you can answer this question. If you are interested in working for a company, it’s a given that you would have to do some research about the company. However, most of the candidates who would be going there would be well-prepared for this question. So, if you can go a bit ahead and find some extra information or articles about the company which you can mention during the interview, it would definitely impress them. It’s all about doing things which the others might not even think of. That is how you would stand out.

3.“Why do you want to join here?”

Before you answer this question, you need to know the company well (refer to the second point). Your answer should let them know that you are passionate about the work that you do. Explain to them why you love this job. For instance, if you are a content writer, tell them why you enjoy content writing and how their company would help you to grow your skills. What you say must not come across as rehearsed. You should sound genuine as they need to believe that you are really looking forward to working with them.

4.“Why should we select you?”

If and when they ask you this, there is no point trying to be modest. You would have to put your best foot forward. Just let them know about all the qualities that you have which are needed for this job, and how you can be a great team member and an asset for their company. Sure there would be other candidates who would be trying to do the same, but you cannot really worry about that! All you can do is to answer them in the simplest and easiest of ways as to why they need someone just like you, or perhaps just you!

5.“Why do you want to quit your present job?”

First of all, when the interviewer asks you this, don’t go about bad mouthing your current employer. That will certainly not show a good side of yours. And your interviewer might even feel that you are going to do the same with them. Instead, tell him/her how that job was not offering you any new opportunities for growth and you felt stagnated working there. Also add how this job would be an improvement on that one and how as an individual, you would like to go up, rather than stay at a place which is not offering you anything new or substantial.

6.“Why is there a big break between your last job and this interview?”

You might have taken a break for some reason, so as to travel or discover yourself or something similar, the usual things that people in their 20s want to do. But do not mention any of these reasons to your interviewer. You might come across as downright frivolous to him/her if you give such an answer. Instead give some valid health reasons or family reasons because of which you could not work for that period. Women might take a break post childbirth which is considered normal and would definitely not hinder their prospects of getting a new job.

7.“Your greatest professional achievement?”

This is your moment and you need to make the most of it. You can tell them about anything that you consider to be your biggest achievement professionally. If you achieved an important target within a short period of your time at your current job, you can tell them that! Or you can tell them about any award that you won for your work at your office. You can also show them your certificates. In any case, it should be something significant which would get their attention immediately.

8.“Your biggest strength?”

While answering this question, do not try to show off unnecessarily. Stick to your real strengths. For instance, if you think your excellent writing skills are your biggest strength for that job, tell them that! If possible, give an example regarding that as well. You can even show them your articles if they got published anywhere.

9.“Your biggest weakness?”

No matter how tempted you are to say that you are perfect in every which way, do not say that! You might come across as fake if you do that. Instead, be real and tell them about an area where you are a little weak and which you need to work upon. For instance, you can say that when it comes to your communication skills, there is scope for improvement. This will make them respect the fact that you are being honest.

10.“Where do you think you should be in 5 years?”

Be realistic while answering this question. Do not just say anything and everything for the sake of it. Tell them how you see yourself growing in this profession and how you want to get better at it. Your growth in the next five years should be related to the job that you are doing now, as mentioning something else or talking about some other field might make them see you as fickle-minded with no set goals. Make them see you as someone responsible and dependable who has a clear vision about life!