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Upalparna Dey

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Comparison of Task2Bill with Basecamp, Asana, Trello, Projecthub



  • Task2Bill is a web-based end-to-end project management and accounting tool with the best of UX and team collaboration.
  • The tool is armed with unique features that enables users to run projects and their accounting systems in the most effective way from one platform.
  • Task2Bill is a SAAS based software, offering many advantages over the traditional models of business software management.
  • The other highlights of this tool is that it provides users with Task Management features which makes managing and controlling tasks in the most effective way.
  • Task2Bill provides a To-Do List which gives a workflow clarity which is followed for successful project delivery. It enables users to divide projects into Project Phases, making it easier to track the progress of the project life-cycle.
  • One of the prime advantages for users is the Payment Milestones provided by the tool, which eases the payment process.
  • Task2Bill allows users to change priorities, resources, due dates and track the status of tasks on a continuous basis, making it easier to manage projects.
  • The tool gives the facility of self-assigning of tasks by resources which saves time and builds trust in the team and individuals who are working upon the project.
  • Task2Bill allows users the facility for planning tasks based on priority, making it feasible to work upon tasks in a much more effective manner. It also allows the feature of posting issues related to the tasks which is further taken up by the allocated tester/ auditor for Quality Analysis (QA).
  • Task2Bill enables users to maximize the productivity of a team with time management, task tracking, work-flow transparency, time and resources with Kanban boards. The Multi-colour theme adds to quick identification in a single window with comfortable look and feel.
  • Customizable user roles gives room for flexibility to organization who need to manage projects and accounting in one platform.
  • Task2Bill allows File & document Sharing and File Versioning for easier tracking of all records related to the project. It enables a comprehensive time tracking system which helps to keep projects on track and in-time.
  • Users can set meetings by using the standard calendar available on this tool, schedule alerts and reminders before the meeting starts.
  • The third party meeting method integration is one of the most reliable and time saving feature integrated by leading project management and accounting tools like Task2Bill.
  • Users can communicate easily with their clients with email based replies, instant notifications like Email Alerts, Desktop Notifications and Slack Notification. These methods maintain transparency in the communication and allow both users and clients to have clarity for any information that needs to be shared.
  • Users can get an added benefit of external file drives management in one place, being able to avail additional space to store files and documents in a safe and secure way.
  • Task2Bill allows users to Collect Billable Items in one click, saving time and avoiding any errors while processing the billing system.
  • With the advantage for users to Manage Rate Chart for Time & Materials, Task2Bill allows an ease in manoeuvring projects and tasks for successful completion.
  • As Task2Bill aims to give more power to every business organization around the world, it enables users to manage different rate chart for different clients, with the added advantage of multi-currency options.
  • To cater tailor made solutions for users, the tool provides Negotiation with Quotation workflow for more room to long-lasting relationships. Apart from this, it also ensures users Negotiation for Change Request workflow, allowing the users to make change requests for tasks.
  • As accounting management is one of the prime and unique features of Task2Bill, the tool provides the best Invoice Management system from where users can Generate Invoices from different billable items. Users can schedule & generate Recurring Invoices facilitating the accounting system as a whole.
  • Task2Bill provides the facility of online payments by clients for invoices which enhances the payment management system for projects. It enables users to manage expenses and integrates with Quickbooks, an accounting software that makes handling the payment and associated tasks easier.
  • Task2Bill provides one of the best User Experience for organizations which is intuitive, fast and time-saving. The tool also has a Mobile-friendly display or view on all mobile devices for ease of use.
  • The tool provides API which enables users to update workflow for a quicker and more productive process to run projects successfully.
  • Task2Bill walks the extra mile for clients to offer the following Support for the best of services like Knowledge base, Help, Free Support Ticket and Online Chat.
  • Task2Bill is the most cost effective project and accounting management tool for users with four packages to choose from. They are as such -

1) Free for 20 users and 2 projects

2) $15 for 50 users and 10 projects

3) $25 for 100 users and 50 projects

4) $50 for 200 users and 100 projects


  • Basecamp is web-based SAAS project management and collaboration tool. The software provides Task Management for users. A To-Do List is available for ease of use for organizations for project management.
  • While it provides Payment milestones, users can only post issues on this tool. Kanban boards are available on this tool for easier visibility of tasks. It also provides Gantt Chart Support for users.
  • However, allocate tester/auditor for QA is not available on this tool. So issues related to tasks may get undetected and lead to errors in the project.
  • The tool allows File & Document sharing for users and implements the time tracking features.
  • Standard Calendar is provided for users to set meetings. For instant notifications, the tool supports only the email alert system for organizations. The tool has a mobile app for iOS/ Andriod with API integration.
  • For Support, the tool provides Knowledge base, FAQ and Twitter Help, restricting users to provide 100% support for their clients.
  • The tool is available in two price packages only, as mentioned below:

1) 10 active projects $20 per month

2) 40 active projects $50 per month


  • Asana is web-based SAAS project management and collaboration tool with good UX.
  • The software provides Task Management for users, enabling users to divide the work into Project Phases. The tool provides users the facility to change priorities, resources, due date, and status of tasks.
  • Asana features Planning Tasks and Posting issues for organizations. It supports the Kanban board, but again, does not allocate tester/ auditor for QA.
  • The tool allows File & Document sharing for users and implements the time tracking features.
  • Standard Calendar is provided for users to set meetings on this tool. It provides only email based reply for any communication and sends instant notifications via email alerts.
  • The User Experience is good and fast for this platform and comes with a mobile-friendly display on all mobile devices. The tool comes with a mobile App for iOS/ Andriod and is integrated with API.
  • All Support is Knowledge based with a FAQ, restricting any kind of virtual communication and further support.
  • The tool is available in two price packages only, as mentioned below:

1) Free: 15 members

2) Premium $10 per member per month


  • Trello is web-based SAAS collaboration tool with Kanban like view. The tool comes with Task Management feature for users, a To-Do List for tracking of pending tasks and enables users to divide project phases based on priorities.
  • Trello enables users to change task priorities, resources, due date, and track the status of tasks that keeps projects organize.
  • The tool enables organizations to post issues but does not provide the facility to plan tasks, which may lead to project setbacks.
  • The tool supports Kanban boards and allows users the facility of File & Document Sharing.
  • While the users can set meetings in the Standard Calendar available on the tool, instant notifications via email alerts are send for updates and reminders, limiting communication after a certain stage in the project life-cycle.
  • The User Experience of the tool is good and fast and integrates with API for easier usage.
  • However, Support is restricted to Knowledge based, therefore restricting exchange of information between the user and the client. These restrictions acts as a barrier for any project.
  • The tool is available in two price packages only, as mentioned below:

1) Free

2) Business Class $10 per user per month

With this effective comparison, it becomes evident that Task2Bill leads way ahead of others in the industry with its unique features. Thus this project and billing management software is more preferred by organizations for its comprehensive solutions available under one platform.