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Arjun S

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Corporate Social Responsibility in India


Corporate Social Responsibility means many things to HCCB, one of the Top 10 FMCG companies in India. From rain water harvesting, rural development, groundwater recharging, the company has done it all, setting its sustainable development goals high with each endeavour. Some of these endeavours have taken it to a point where they have become one of the lowest consumers of water, consuming only a staggering 0.023% of the water used by all industries in India.

To leave the earth a better place than how we inherited it, a slogan that is the first in everybody’s mind at HCCB. An ideal any company in the manufacturing sector needs to be keen on. To improve the lives of the people around it and to give back to the very same environment that has helped fuel its growth. And when it comes to something like that, HCCB has never fallen short of its responsibilities.

With an approach that involves waste water treatment, efficient water management, and plastic recycling, the company does more than just reduce its carbon footprint. It gives back to the ecosystem, leaving it better than before.