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COVID-19 Treatment, Investigational Drugs, Injections and Other Therapies


Corona or Covid 19: A virus that has lessened people to lead a disciplined life. What? A disciplined life! Yes, That's True! Earlier, there was a lack of hygiene and care for personal health. People used to ignore washing hands before accepting meals, no cover on face while getting exposed to pollution.

COVID-19 Treatment, Investigational Drugs, Injections and Other Therapies

But now, people are very much cautious about their lifestyle. They do not harm the environment too. They wash their hands immediately before eating. And make this a regular habit of washing hands properly even after returning from outside and also after touching every single thing. People also have made a good habit of washing their clothes immediately after returning home. And very importantly the government has made it mandatory to wear masks outside and maintain social distance.

Now let us know about coronavirus in biological terms :

We often utter the word 'Covid 19'. The name of the disease is Covid-19. And how is it caused? Well, the researchers have found a strain of virus named corona in the body who are affected by this disease.

If we break the word 'Covid' into three parts, we will understand it better.




Do not think this deadly disease has emerged now only? No friends. This disease was initially called the 2019 Novel Coronavirus. This virus started living with us in 2019.

We all unitedly overcame the first stage of this covid. At that time proper information on medications, vaccines were not available at all. But still, people understood the importance of lockdown. And fought against the virus following the principles dictated by the Government. This time too we will again win the race!

Now let us come to the part of medications

1.Hydroxychloroquine and Chloroquine

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This is a vaccine provided to treat malaria patients. According to the FDA, these medicines were prescribed in case of emergency patients suffering from covid-19. But it has been noticed that these drugs are not able to control the virus from spreading into the body. Neither helps to cure the disease.

2.Antiviral drugs

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Drugs like Favipiravir and merimepodib and Remedesivir are known as Antiviral Drugs. A combination of all these three medicines was tried as a single medicine into the body of a corona patient. A mixture of ritonavir and lopinavir was found useless for treating covid-19.

3.Anti-Inflammatory therapy

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Corona is a virus that slowly damages multiple organs including the lungs. Inflammation also takes place in such a situation due to which several kinds of infections occur. So researches have been conducted concerning anti-inflammatory drugs to eliminate such infection.

4.Immune-based therapy

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Convalescent Plasma is an Immune-based therapy. The process of this therapy is very easy. Try to find out a person who has already won the fight against Covid-19. Required blood is collected from those patients. And are injected into the body of corona-affected patients. FDA has also granted permission for the same.


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The study regarding the usage of Dexamethasone is still on as they have not reached any result yet. Researchers are still not fully confident that corticosteroid dexamethasone can treat multi-organ Dysfunctioning and lung damage due to inflammation.

According to the National Institute of Health in the U.S, this drug can be recommended to patients who are very serious and still alive based on mechanical ventilators. Remember this drug can cause serious health issues if applied to a not-so-serious Covid patient.

Dexamethasone may be out of stock. In such cases, corticosteroids like Prednisone, methylprednisolone, or hydrocortisonecan be used. In some cases, the drug tocilizumab is also prescribed by doctors.

6. Some people are diagnosed with mild Covid19 symptoms. But there remains the possibility of it turning into severe Covid cases. In those cases, two Monoclonal Antibody Medicines are prescribed by the doctors.

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If you want these medicines to give more effective results, start the medicines as soon as the Covid symptoms are visible in you.

7.Researchers are yet not satisfied or confident about the results of drugs like Losartan and Amlodipine in treating Covid19 patients.

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Very few results can be expected from drugs like Famotidine and Ivermectin in providing relief to patients suffering from covid-19.

Some vaccines that have been offering good results to overcome Covid

1.Pfizer-BioNtech Vaccine

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It should be admitted that none of the vaccines is fully effective in treating patients suffering from Covid. However, there are maximum chances of gaining benefits from this vaccine and fewer chances of getting infected. A huge number of Covid affected patients have achieved great results and are therefore highly satisfied with this vaccine.


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This is a Bharat Biotech Medical Product. This vaccine is the invention of a collaborative effort of Bharat Biotech and the Indian Council of Medical Research. The dead virus in this vaccine makes it enable enough to fight against coronavirus, boost immunity, and unable to infect people. The rule is to take this vaccine one today and one after 28 days.

3. Covishield

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It has been noticed that the first half dose of this vaccine is not sufficient to fight against coronavirus. But the last full dosage of this vaccine is ideal to provide better relief from Covid. This vaccine went through a three-level trial. It is an Oxford-AstraZe Vaccine. At the third trial of this vaccine in Brazil and the United Kingdom, this vaccine proved to be beneficial for the Covid affected people.

4.Sputnik V

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This Covid vaccine is the invention of Russia. Almost nil chance of infection. But a very effective vaccine in treating Covid. About 60 countries have been impressed by such vaccines. Their success rate is very high enough.

Various regulators have positioned this vaccine company in the second place. Because their vaccine is very result-oriented. No such side effects are there in the usage of this vaccine.

5.Remdesivir Injection

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This injection has achieved a lot of popularity in this Covid situation. How? Well, this injection has proved a great blessing for Covid caused by SARS-CoV-2. This injection can be given to both covid adults and children who have been admitted to the hospital. Remember this injection is only for serious covid patients.

Consumption of Vitamin C is also a big treatment of Covid. And many corona-affected patients are benefited by consumption of more vitamin C as it helps to increase the immunity and in killing different types of Virus in the body. You can also use this tip to prevent Coronavirus.

The biggest suggestion to avoid and win against corona is to remain inside the home for the maximum time if possible.

This blog is created to share information with people. The opinion, tips, and reviews (written/spoken) given by me are based on my personal experience, none of the recommendations of this blog are sponsored by any company or product. I am also not medical professional so I would suggest you consult your doctor before taking any medication/advice or trying any remedy suggested. My recommendations in this blog may not work for you and should not be considered as an excuse to not visit your doctor or consult a medical practitioner. This recommendation is the result of independent research.