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Rahul Jain

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Did You Just Get New kitchen appliances? 3 Things to Do Right Away.


Did You Just Get New kitchen appliances? 3 Things to Do Right Away. Congratulation! Got new kitchen appliances, very excited to start with it, then here are 3 things you need to do right away.

1. Inspect:

Upon getting your new home appliance delivered, unbox and have a thorough look-see before you install. Keep your eyes any dent or dings on the home appliances, ensure the power plug is proper, not having a bend or open or in a damaged state. If you have purchased a microwave, close and open the door a few times, check the internal part built in microwave.

You need to check in and out of the machine that you have purchased and will be using for next couple of years.

2. Cookware Compatibility:

Ideally, you should look for the compatibility of new cookware range with the old ones. Go through the user manual if you haven’t checked yet. If you just have got switched from gas stove to electric, then you need to dark-coloured bakeware or cookware. So, even if your food burns, the dark-coloured cookware saves you in an emergency situation.

3. Read the Manual

Reading manual an appliance is always good, as you get good in-depth. For instance, you are used to the dishwasher before; you know how it works. So if think that reading user manual is waste of time. But this really shouldn’t be!

Going through manuals will give you the lowdown on the new buttons and modes, must know info of the pressure points like as temperatures used to be set for water heaters, loads taken by the appliance, shut-off power and water and much more.

With these above points, you can also follow DIY instruction to fix the home appliances to save your time and start using it ASAP. It is time to removing all the packaging and wipe out your range with a warm damp cloth inside out and gently removes the plastic films and remove all zip ties and any other packing that is still on your machine.