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Difference between Dubai and Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

Blog: Difference between Dubai and Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

Suhani Bora

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Abu Dhabi and Dubai are probably the most popular tourist spots in the entire UAE. Both the cities offer a blend of modern and traditional lifestyles along with the culture. What make them so different compared to other cities in UAE, are the desert safari tours to travellers. The Dubai desert safari and Abu Dhabi desert safari tours are loved by one and all. But there are a few differences that make them unique experiences. These differences might make them appealing to people with different tastes. Here are some of the differences in the Dubai .

1. The Cost of the Safari – Both cities offer a great service when it comes to desert safari. The difference between the two is Abu Dhabi desert safari is a bit on the expensive side over Dubai. The Abu Dhabi’s safari only has private vehicles to pick up the guest while Dubai also has option of buses or pickup spots in case if you’re looking to travel on a budget.

2. Quality of Traveling – When it comes to the quality of traveling, both cities offer great experience and service comprising of food, beverages, entertainment, etc. However, travellers prefer to give Abu Dhabi the upper-hand over the latter when it comes to sophistication and lavish.

  3. Camel Ride – Traditionally, camels were used as a source of transportation for the locals. Although both cities offer a simple and peaceful experience, Dubai camel desert safari ride wins. The Dubai camel desert safari offers a chance to explore unexplored places in Dubai’s desert. 

4. Adventure Sports – Both cities are capable of offering some of the best and intense adventure sports activities such as dune bashing, quad biking, sandboarding, etc. at their respective campsites. However, Abu Dhabi is known to offer intense experience, as the trails in Abu Dhabi for dune bashing are quite adventurous. Therefore, if you wish to enjoy more intense adventure sporting experience then Abu Dhabi is the clear winner.

5. Evening Desert Safari – Again, both cities do offer scintillating evening desert safari experience. In this aspect, both are tied as both evening desert safaris, along with a plethora of activities and delicious BBQ food, you also get to gaze at the fascinating night sky once it is dark.

6. Convenience & Engagement – Travellers find both convenient and engaged during their journey for the desert safari. Both are capable of offering a smooth ride along with a comfortable journey. However, Dubai’s desert is a little further away from the main city while Abu Dhabi offers a quicker ride to reach the desert safari.

Though  desert safari in dubai seems to be better and popular, instead of comparing, it is highly recommended that one try both the desert safaris as they each offer something unique. You are going to equally love them both.