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Does Signal Strength of DTH Channels Get Affected by Extreme Weather Conditions?


It's not surprising to encounter issues with DTH signals amid overwhelming precipitation as in rainstorm. This is known as rain blur. Correspondingly,

Does Signal Strength of DTH Channels Get Affected by Extreme Weather Conditions?

there is another normal wonder that could causes huge issues in communicating, and it's known as Sun blur. All

DTH administrators in India (and around the world) confront these issues. However, there are diverse methods for lessening the impacts of rain

blur, regardless you'll discover apparent flag issues in unforgiving climate conditions. The nature of a dish (really, of its LNB) is a factor in

diminishing the blur and enhancing signal quality, yet it isn't constantly taken as a main consideration when individuals analyze DTH


Sun blur happens when the sun, DTH satellite, and beneficiary (dish) all fall on a similar line. This occurs around March and

September. Not at all like rain blur, its belongings are just for couple of minutes (for some days). For diminishing the measure of the dish, most

channels are communicated by DTH administrators on a higher recurrence run known as Ku band instead of on the C band. The

issue with Ku band broadcasting is that it is more helpless to obstruction with rain beads than C band. This diminishes

the flag quality and prompts awful gathering at the less than desirable end (dish). So whenever you have poor flag quality while

staring at the TV amid substantial rain, you shouldn't accuse the DTH organization.

Aside from different variables, right establishment of the dish is imperative to get the ideal flag quality. Thus, amid establishment

ensure that the professional has legitimately adjusted the dish to get the most ideal flag quality. It's essential to think about

DTH benefits before choosing a specific administrator; nonetheless, it ought to be remembered that there are sure issues that are

inborn to satellite interchanges that are outside the ability to control of administrators.