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Does Thyroid really Disturb your Sexual Life?


If a woman is struck in the issues of not getting sex drives while lovemaking sections can

keep rolling several questions rolling in a woman’s heads. As the research, it has resulted in

female sexual dysfunction is also growing evidence of having physical problems like Thyroid

problems. The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland in your neck that controls each cell in your

body when it’s not functioning properly. These effects are most noticeable while having

lovemaking sections. Having sexual health issues can affect the relationship and also a

woman’s physical self. The thyroid has some common symptoms like fatigue, weight gain, or

loss. Sometimes these problems can rise to a higher level and can also contribute to having

vaginal dryness which can be painful while having lovemaking sections.

How thyroid can affect a woman?

The thyroid can affect only 8 out of 1 woman. Where a woman might have chances of

getting thyroid problems during her lifetime. There are three problems of thyroid which can

affect a woman; Problem with the menstrual periods, having problems while pregnancy,

and the problem of getting pregnant.

· Problem with menstrual periods: Thyroid can help you control your menstrual cycle.

But this might your periods very light, heavy, or irregular and which can also lead to

early menopause.

· Having a pregnancy problem while pregnancy: A woman having thyroid can also lead

to have a health issue for the mother and the baby while a woman is pregnant.

· Problem of getting pregnant: As the thyroid can affect the menstrual cycle it can also

affect ovulation which can create difficulty for a woman to get pregnant. Women

who’re having thyroid and is facing sexual dysfunction do not have to worry as four

tips can help you to drag you back a healthy sexual life.

Tips to get back a healthy sexual life:

· Have to manage your condition: The medication that is been prescribed by your

doctor can imbalance you’re thyroid at the beginning. Also, it can create difficulties

for a woman to meet her doctor continuously for replacing the appropriate medicine

that is best for her. So you should not give up on the course also after it’s not

working as it could take several months to adjust it properly.

· Share it with your partner: Not getting satisfaction while having a lovemaking section

can lead your partner to get frustrating on you. So it is best to share your health

problem with your partner. This can help you more to get back to your sexually

healthy life and try to make them understand that this may take a little time to get

back your energetic feeling.

· Maintain a healthy weight: An underactive thyroid can turn into fatigue which can

gain your weight and when a woman gains weight it often gets difficult for her to get

back the old body image. So if you don’t want to face such issues then a woman

should always keep eating a healthy diet and also doing some exercise can help her

to maintain her body image.

· Get enough sleep: One of the common symptoms of the thyroid is fatigue which can

make you feel tired and can interfere with your night sleep. So the researchers have

found that getting extra sleep can help a woman to get back her sexual drive and can

perform lovemaking sections with her partner with 14%.

These tips can help a woman to get back her happy sexual life and can treat the thyroid

easily. But a woman should always consult the doctor before performing any activity.