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Racish KUMAR

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Dress in style even when you don’t have the time to spare


Dress in style even when you don’t have the time to spare

Many women love dressing up every single day and going about their daily activities. But there are also many women who don’t like to put in much effort on the way they look when they go out. Clothing trends have become quite important part of the world right now. People all over have been following beauty and fashion magazines and shows which try to succumb them to the beauty stereotypes that are set by certain high-up people.

Dressing up doesn’t have to be such a complicated process. At the end, you much feel confident in what you are wearing. Whatever attire you choose for yourself must reflect yourself in it. If your personality is not shown by the outfit, it just won’t seem you. But there are many outfit choices that people can refer which never let anyone down, just like jumpsuits for girls is such an effortless style. These styles are also so easy that even a lazy woman who hates dressing up can end up looking chic without much effort.

No. 1

Black and white is the best contrasting pair ever made. Just put these two colors together and that’s it. A black coloured jeans and a white toned t-shirt is the best casual combination ever made. You can never go wrong with this option and it is suited for everyone. If you don’t have the time or energy to think about an outfit, just go for the basics. You will find that a simple white t-shirt can be your best friend when you are feeling fashionably numb.

No. 2

An all-black look is another very popular trend which people from all over follow. This is yet a very simple one. You just need to pair top, bottom, shoes and any outerwear in the colour black. Black is a colour that suits everyone, so there is o doubt that you will be looking great. Gather all the black colours articles from your wardrobe and put them on. It is as chic as it is simple.

No. 3

A striped tee is a must have in every wardrobe. This t-shirt can be your life saver in case of a major style requirement. If you are not in the mood to choose an outfit for the day, then just grab the stripped t-shirt and pair it up with your favorite bottom. It can look great with skirts, trousers and even denims.

No. 4

You can imagine that if a total black look can be so great, then white cannot be far behind. The white on white look is something that gives a very classy and fresh look. Put on your white shirt under your white blazer to create an elegant and refined appearance. You can pair it up with white trousers to create an all-white look, or even add some color to it by wearing denim bottoms.

No. 5

A black blazer can transform any attire into a classy and formal one. The versatility of it makes it so popular. So grab that black blazer in case you have an urgent formal meeting with someone.