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Easy home remedies to treat common health problems among babies and infants


With the change of season, babies fall all the more susceptible to a cough and cold, loose motion, vomiting, and fever. It is miserable to watch the little one suffer through sickness. It is essential to help the little ones to remain immune and thus using Natural Remedies for Kids' Colds can be very effective. Few common health issues that infants and babies face are common cold and cough, loose motion, vomiting, and fever. It is best to seek Natural Remedies for Kids' Colds to cure babies without using medications.

Easy home remedies to treat common health problems among babies and infants

Simple tips to cure a cough and cold:

• If the baby looks tired and dull all the time, it indicates that the immune system is weak and is incapable of fighting off the bad bugs. A cough and cold among babies is one of the most common sicknesses that infants go through. Majorly, all the infectious disease like a cough and cold spreads through touch. Hence, it is monumental to take care of the hygiene of the baby.

• Breast milk is the most ideal home remedy for curing any disease among infants. It is best to offer breast milk to the baby while they are suffering from a cough and cold. It is advisable not to feed the baby with too many medicines. Instead, feeding the baby with breast milk is the best and the simplest home remedy for curing cough and cold.

• Saline water is also highly helpful in treating fever, cough, and cold among babies. It is ideal to buy saline water from the market as it has the perfect ratio of water and salt. Putting a few drops of the saline water inside the blocked nose of the infant steadily helps in unclogging the blocked nose of the child. Apart from this, the nose should also be kept clean all the time while the baby is suffering from a cough and cold.

• Garlic and carom seeds are both loaded with antibacterial properties and are they are highly helpful in treating common cough and cold and fever. Roasting a few cloves of garlic with a pinch of carom seeds on the Tawa is all that one needs to do. As the powerful fume is released, switch off the flame and allow the mix to cool down a bit. Keeping the mixture inside a cloth pouch and placing it near the baby is extremely beneficial in curing fever, cough, and cold.

• Light oil massage is also highly helpful in giving relief to the baby from a cough and cold. Massaging a mixture of coconut and mustard oil also helps the baby to get relief from fever and the common flu. Rubbing on the back and chest of the baby gives great comfort to the infant. Warm Coconut oil when mixed with drumstick leaves also gives great relief to the child who is suffering from a cough and cold.

• The lukewarm bath can also give great comfort to the baby while the infant is suffering from fever. A nice warm bath helps to bring down the temperature to a normal rate.

Simple tips to cure loose motion:

Suffering from loose motion, vomiting, and fever is another common health issue that infants and babies face throughout the year. When a baby suffers from loose motion, bowel movements appear to be watery. Loose motion spreads easily from one person to another and children are all the more prone to it. In case, the child is suffering from loose motion, and it is important to keep breastfeeding the baby. Oral rehydration solution or ORS is an age-old remedy that is being used for treating loose motion among babies.

ORS can either be bought from a chemist, or it can also be prepared at home. Boil 1 liter of water and let it cool down. Add six spoons of sugar and one spoon of salt water and stir it until they get dissolved completely. Feeding the baby this solution greatly helps babies to recover from loose motion. Bananas are also great to assist in dealing with loose motion. Banana contains zinc, potassium, calcium, iron, and vitamins.

Loose motion makes the baby feel tired, and the banana is also a great source of energy. Apple is another wonderful fruit that helps to firm up the baby’s bowel movement. Feeding the baby boiled apples is of immense help to treat loose motion. Boiled apple being easily digestible and soft, also provides the baby with the much-required energy during loose motion.

Simple tips to cure vomiting:

Various home remedies are also useful to help the baby suffering from vomiting. The most important thing that should be done to cure vomiting is to increase the fluid intake of the baby as a lot of energy is lost. It is recommended to refrain from feeding any sort of solid food item to the baby for the first 12 hours. Light and clear vegetable broth are of great help in curing vomiting among babies.

Simple tips to cure fever:

With the change of season, babies and infants fall susceptible to fevers. Various home remedies come handy in helping the little one to recover from chills. Pressing cold compress on the baby’s forehead is of great help to bring down the temperature. It also reduces their discomfort and makes the baby feel comfortable. Fluid intake also helps the baby to combat against fever.

Garlic and mustard oil massage is an age-old technique that helps baby to fight against fever. Rubbing the mixture on the feat, palms, neck, back, and chest of the baby promotes sweating and helps in the process of flushing out the harmful toxins from the body. The massage also has a soothing and relaxing effect. This helps the baby to get proper and comfortable sleep.

Apart from following the above home remedies, it is of crucial importance to pay great attention to the hygiene of the baby. Before using a thermometer to check the temperature, it must be disinfected and rinsed with cold water. Using digital thermometer is the best as it provides perfect accuracy. The baby must also be clothed in comfortable and warm clothes while he is suffering from fever. Attention must also be paid so that overdosing does not take place.

If the fever does not settle down within 2-3 days, the baby must, however, be taken to the physician immediately. Therefore, before taking your baby to the doctor you can surely learn the home remedies and for this Children's Health Care's Blog is a must read for parents to let their infant recover real fast.