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Enjoy Some Low-Sugar Fruits That Are Just Right for Diabetics


Diabetes is supposed to be a chronic disease that is known to affect millions of people across the globe. We have heard that uncontrolled diabetes cases could be causing kidney failure, blindness, heart disease, and several other serious issues. It is estimated that almost 70 percent of patients with prediabetes may end up getting type-2 diabetes. However, we are fortunate that the progression to diabetes from prediabetes is certainly not inevitable and could be prevented with conscious efforts. Even though certain factors may not be altered like past behaviors, age, genes, etc. you could take many proactive steps to minimize the risk of getting diabetes.

In this context, watching constantly your sugar intake could be a step forward in the right direction. Consider getting yourself diagnosed for diabetes. ELISA test is often used for analyzing the incidence basically of Autoantibodies of Type 1 Diabetes such as IA2 and GAD in adolescents and children. Insulin antibodies are of crucial importance for diagnosing diabetes mellitus type 1 in predominantly the pediatric population. You may visit reputable sites such as if you are looking for ELISA Kits, antibodies, peptides, proteins, and other such research reagent requirements.

Fruits are known to be rich in healthy nutrients but some of them contain high amounts of sugar. Let us explore some fruits that are low in sugar and are just right for diabetics or even those individuals who are trying to prevent diabetes.

Limes or Lemons

These are rich in Vitamin C. However, these are quite sour fruits and are known to contain extremely low sugar. They are great for adding to a glassful of water for curbing your appetite.


Raspberry is a good fruit option for diabetics. They contain only five grams of sugar for every cup of raspberries. These are very rich in fiber and could prove to be quite filling. These are truly amazing berries that are a healthy option for preventing diabetes.


Strawberries are incredibly low in sugar despite the fact that they are really delicious and sweet in taste. One cup of strawberries contains only about 7 grams of sugar and contains cent percent of your recommended daily dose of vitamin C.


Blackberries also contain about 7 grams of sugar for every cup of the berries. You could enjoy this amazing fruit as a snack without any pangs of guilt. These super-delicious dark-colored berries are rich in antioxidants and fiber.


Kiwis are odd but delicious fuzzy green-fleshed fruits that are technically regarded as berries. Kiwis are known for containing incredibly low sugars and high Vitamin C. Kiwis are available throughout the year at the supermarkets and grocery stores.


Grapefruit is a citrus fruit that may not be as delicious as a grape but they are an excellent choice for breakfast as they contain very low amounts of sugar. Half a grapefruit that is medium in size contains just 9 grams of sugar.


Watermelon is a wonderful summer fruit that contains low sugar about 10 grams per cup of diced watermelon. Watermelons are regarded as an amazing source of iron.


Oranges are super-rich in Vitamin C. You could enjoy this delicious fruit without any pangs of guilt as it is low in sugar and you would be consuming low calories. A typical orange would be containing just 12 grams of sugar for every fruit and definitely lesser than 70 calories.


Peaches are delicious and sweet. A medium-sized peach would be containing just about 13 grams of sugar. Peaches are amazing fruits that are supposed to be low sugar and a healthy option for diabetics.


Now you know what fruits to eat if you are a diabetic or trying to prevent diabetes. The low-sugar fruits that have been discussed above are rich in nutritive content and must be relished without any guilt feelings.