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Essentials to keep in mind for your grouting needs


Grout is mostly a mix of cement, sand, and water and is used for the filling of gaps between tiles on the floor and the walls. Think of it as a reinforcement of the existing structures. There are various uses of grout including masonry, to make connections between sections of pre-casted concrete to give a finished look, sealing up of joint spaces between floor and wall tiles also called pressure grouting. Grouts are often colored, and there are various shades available that will enable you to beautify your living area, kitchen, and bathroom. You can browse through some of best choices for grout material and color selection through the Tayloright grout reviews.

Usually, in masonry work, the void spaces between tiles and concrete block cores are filled with mortar plaster and other structural pastes. Grout, on the other hand, has low viscosity and is easy to apply. It hardens faster than other plaster compounds and has better durability. Grout, if mixed and applied following the user's instruction properly forms a waterproof seal while making a surface look classy.

Choose your color

The shades of grout are generally varied. You have the option to go for contrasting colors with respect to the tiles, harmonized where the grout material matches the color of the tile material and neutral shades of gray and white. You might be interested, but it is always advisable to go for neutral colors. Over the years, the grout material can get stained and wear off, so you must carefully consider the selection the color of the material. You can always ask for samples from your grout supplier and decide accordingly. Cement based grouts can be colored over once it gets discolored while epoxy grouts need to remove in case you want an overhaul which makes for an arduous process. Making the right choice before installing is imperative when it comes to grouting.

Maintenance and repair

Grouts end up looking messy after years of use because grease stains and dirt seep in. At times you might want to re-grout or re-tile a surface. However, you must remember that you can renew old worn out grout if you want to invest in the option. Grout cleaning can be performed using degreasing agents and a stiff brush for cleaning the surfaces. Investing is elbow grease, as well as commercial steam cleaners, can also be an option for homeowners looking to give a wash up to their old grout material.

Grouting options

Tiling grout

It is cement based and comes in sanded or un-sanded variety, and you can use it for sealing the void spaces between floor and wall tiles. These can be enhanced with later and other polymers.

Structural grout

It is often of the epoxy grout variety and is used in reinforced masonry to secure steel and bonding purposes.

Cement-based grout

It is the most common form of grout with different varieties including Portland cement based grouts, polymer matrices which are a temperature set into place and urethanes.

Essential tools for grouting work

• Grout sealer or scraper

• Grout float

• Grout cleaner

• Die Grinder

• Pointing trowel

Grouting is necessary for that bespoke look at your home or office. Make careful considerations before investing.