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Event Staff Services: All You Need To Know


Before hiring an event planner, you should first look into their reputation and the different event staff services that they provide. Each planner has their niche when it comes to organizing an event and therefore, plan and execute the event accordingly. If you are planning on hiring an event coordinator, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. However, before you do that, we have listed below a few of the event staff services that an organizer provides – although keep in mind that these may differ from planner to planner. These include:

• Event overview

• Event coordination

• Complete security

• Health and safety permits (if the event require it)

• Event venue set up

• Event venue cleaning

• Parking (valet service)

• Emergency access and first aid certified

• Any special permits (if the nature of the event requires)

• Insurance

Now that you know about the different services these organizers provide, here’s what you should be looking of when hiring an event planner for your next big bash.

1. Pick a planner that believes in innovation – nobody wants the same old designs, the same old set-up, and themes. Everyone wants their event to be different, that’s why you should look for a planner who is creative and innovative and approaches each event with enthusiasm and fresh concepts.

2. Details, details, details – you are spending a lot of money on an event, so it should be perfect in every sense. For that, a planner that is detail oriented and hardworking will ensure that even the smallest bit of tasks are taken care of for smooth execution.

3. Time and budget – sure, the planner may talk big and boasts a great event plan set-up for you, but if the planner is unable to deliver on time and within your budget, then what’s the point? Therefore, make sure that the planner you are selecting not only ensures that the planning and execution are within your budget but also on the day and time you want it to be on.

The above points are essential in selecting the right event planner for your event to ensure that it is as successful as you had envisioned it to be.