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Fashion Trends In 2019


We’re all lusting after fall fashion, now that most of the country has cooled down considerably. Not that we need an excuse for eyeing fall fashion, but the ability to layer up and get those ever-popular autumn colors gives us an extra boost, don’t you agree?

We’ve been closely following the latest trends online to know what must be added to our closet. And boy! the range is huge! Right from sweaters to shoes to bags and everything else, we’ve been putting together our wishlist and adding things to our cart.

Fall fashion is more of solid, warm colors, deep red, olive green, mustard yellow, toffee brown. Mix and match them with classic neutral colors, and you are done!

Now a day most of people are wearing Printed Tees or Plain tees. There is no age different, Kids, Boys, Girls, Mens, Womens all of them are wearing tshirt with their fav design.

1. kids: In India or other countries 70% kids wear Tshirt. But common design on their tshirt is cartoon picture.

2. Boys and Mens : They Are attracted toward Design or quotes.

3. Girls and womens : they are attracted toward love quotes and design.

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