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Sreemoyee Gupta

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Festive Season Beauty Prep


The preparations for festivals start weeks before. Be it shopping, making delicious sweets or getting your beauty treatments done, everything is well-planned in advance. It is during these festivals that we host as well as attend get-together gatherings. A tired looking hostess would certainly look neither welcoming nor pleasing, making festive season beauty prep more important than ever!

The brand new clothes and accessories aren’t enough when it comes to the pomp and show with which we celebrate our festivals. You would definitely need prep yourself up too. This is when most of us opt for different skin and hair treatments.

Festivals are a time to splurge, not only on your loved ones, but also on yourself. In order to look your best, you can go for a wide variety of treatments. We have listed below some beauty trends that you can follow in order to prepare yourself for this festive season.

Ditch that tired look – rejuvenate yourself for the festivities ahead

Opt for a relaxing facial

A relaxing facial treatment will wipe off all the tiredness and dullness from you face. It is just what you need after you are done with the festive preparations. You will feel extremely rejuvenated after a facial treatment. Moreover, it will give you the much needed glow!

You can also go for a detox facial that helps in expelling all impurities, grime, pollution and excess sebum from the skin. Choose the one that suits your skin type and issues, if any.

Try detan and skin lightening treatments

Getting everything ready for the festival will not only drain all the energy, but will also ruin your skin texture and complexion. This happens especially when you run around in the sun for Diwali shopping. Hence, it is advisable to opt for detan and skin lightening treatment just before the festival. These treatments will help you get rid of the unwanted tan, and brighten your complexion.

Opt for body polish

Festive season calls for traditional attires like sarees, anarkalis and lehengas. These often have designs that show some skin in an elegant way. Hence, it becomes important to not only care for your facial skin, but also the skin of your overall body. You can opt for a body polish treatment to welcome a silky soft skin that will look extremely beautiful in your traditional attire. Moreover, a glowing skin will boost your confidence.

Body polish treatment will help in getting rid of dead, dry skin cells, and re-energise your body. In addition, it will brighten the complexion and add a glow. This treatment involves a body scrub, wrap, followed by a warm shower.

Choose a relaxing body spa

The perfect way to get rid of the stress is to indulge in a body spa treatment. This treatment will relieve you of the body aches and relax the muscles, while rejuvenating your mind. If it’s your first time, opt for an aromatherapy body spa.

Hair smoothening and Keratin treatments

Treat your tresses the right way by indulging into a hair smoothening or keratin treatment. These treatments involve infusing hair with keratin, which is a naturally produced protein. This protein helps in keeping your hair healthy and shiny. Keratin fills in the ridges of the brittle hair, where it is cracked, and gives it a smooth appearance.

You would not feel the need to use heat styling tools after going through these treatments. Your hair will stay soft and manageable for a long time. These treatments are perfect to opt for, before the start of the festive season. Getting these treatments done will make way for a lot of hair styling options for you, without worrying about damaging your tresses.