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Fill out as much information on your YouTube profile as possible


Here are a few tips for creating a compelling profile that will help draw in viewers and subscribers.

Keep it consistent

While you can only do so much to customize the look of your YouTube profile page, ensure that your brand elements—colors, backgrounds, logo, icons, and layouts—are as consistent as possible across your social channels and website.

Optimize your YouTube channel description

Again, both your YouTube channel and individual video titles should be descriptive and optimized for search. Conduct keyword research to help your page improve its chances of ranking.

This is also the section where you can sell yourself. What problem does your channel solve for your audience? What need do you meet? Whether you’re teaching, entertaining, or showing them something they’ve never seen, spell it out for potential viewers.

Also use this space to establish your schedule. When and how often will you publish new videos? Let your viewers know so they can come back for more—and stick to your own schedule.

Include Contact

It’s great that folks are viewing your videos—but they may want to contact you in other ways. Make it easy for them to send you feedback, ask questions, or make queries about your products. Link back to your website as well as other social media channels, and include a contact email.