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First relationship


7 signs to know that you are still not over with your first relationship

By sushil dahiya

Break up can be something really brutal. The pain of the relationship may linger for a prolonged duration, and therefore, several people find it too difficult to move on just for the cause that they are still not done with their first relationship.

 First relationship 

Here are a few signs that may assist you in pursuing an acknowledgement about your past relationship that still hangs out in your mind:

1. You are reminded of that person again and again

Each little thing or issue reminds you of your ex, and you go on wondering if you could share all your stuff with the person once more. Be the circumstances, tagged as hilarious, tragic, and exciting or anything else; you find every opportunity to call up him or her and share all the minute details as you previously did.

2. You are not able to respond deliberately to other buddies

You have guys throwing themselves over to you in the parties or anywhere out, yet you still feel like clinging on to your past relationship and your heart, fails to provide you with any approvals over the other buddies. Your eyes are still searching for that particular lad or lass.

3. Wondering about ways you could have taken to mend your former relation

Every time you think about your former relationship, you regret about the consequences that have compelled both of you to move apart from one another. If you are still wondering about the prospects through which you could save the relationship. Chances are there that you are still not over with your first relationship.

4. Still thinking of how both of you can meet again

You continue wondering about opportunities where you can afford a get-together, and your ex will be present there as well. If any such incident comes on your way, you are planning to get in your best attire with the best look so that your ex could not keep his or her eyes off you. Such a deal reveals that you are still interested in your earlier relationship and you love the way he or she used to compliment you!

5. Cyber talking your guy or girl

You run after cyber-stalking your ex along with his or her friends as well as relatives. You follow all his posts and status and stalk after the comments that run after him or her. You are still venturing your ex’s profile and checks how long he or she is online even if you are hesitating to ping up into the person’s inbox.

6. Remembering the old days over and over again

Run weak on your knees every time you see your ex. You love watching out the moments that contributed in framing the course of your relationship. Every time you look at your wardrobe and find something gifted by him, you can’t stop falling over again.

7. No stable relationship after your ex has turned over

You cannot afford any stable relationship after your first break up. You start comparing your present status with the former one and is still hanging to the first relation.

Moving on sounds easy, but it really isn’t. It’s too hard to discard the chunk of thoughts that remained perpetual in your mind to a greater extent, and you are finding it tough to get over with them.

However, you cannot stick to something that isn’t meant for you. Therefore, it is always wiser to invest your emotions and energy upon someone who is worth it and compatible to you as well!