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Ajit Bhandari

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Fit Body, Fit Life With Yoga


Fit Body, Fit Life With Yoga

Some years back, a wave of fitness and health centred activities began to be acknowledged by people all over the world. People realised that the effects of the sedentary lifestyle that they're leading is resulting in chronic illness and obesity. Healthcare became costly, especially in the first world countries, and only the affluent could afford it. The capitalists initiated the trend of cosmetic surgery to reduce fat and shape bodies, therefore the rage to have a fit body became a necessity. However, people realised that having a fit body is quite possible without having to resort to surgery. This was where gyms and dieticians gained precedence, various types of diets, vegan eating, organic eating became famous. The trend of corrective eating, limited portions, suffering the body to achieve weight goals led to severe eating diseases like anorexia, bulimia, etc.

Indian Yoga instructors advertised the benefits of Yoga practice and demonstrated how fitness can be easily achieved without resorting to drastic measures of diet change or alteration. This was precisely how Yoga gained popularity in the West. Practitioners noticed that Yoga practice didn't make muscles pain, nor did it require expensive gear, and it felt physically and mentally relaxing. As celebrities started recommending Yoga, common masses realised the ease of practicing it and championed it. There are many types of Yoga practice, some ancient and some have been developed recently to accommodate practitioners who have limited mobility or body flexibility. Some famous Yoga types followed by celebrities and commoners alike are:

• Ashtanga Vinayasa Yoga

• Bikram Yoga

• Kundalini Yoga

• Iyengar Yoga

• Hatha Yoga

Yoga instructors evaluate the student and advise the type best suited for them. Yoga can help on weight loss or gain, correcting body posture, fighting chronic pain, improving organ functionality, increasing energy efficiency, and achieving mental peace and tranquillity. Some Yoga poses are supposed to fight medical conditions like diabetes, blood pressure, arthritis, spondylitis, liver malfunctioning, etc. Yoga practitioners in India have claimed that regular practice has lowered their need for medicine and the dependence on drugs for their illness. Yoga slowly improves the condition of the organs by ascertaining oxygen supply to the organ and aids the healing of the weakened state of the organ thus, curing it holistically.


Yoga's reliance on channelling individual energy to achieve the goals rather than on any external measures like medication, devices, surgery, or chemicals is what draws people towards it. Yoga has no side effects and will give no negative results in the long run. On the contrary, continuous practice ensures a wholesome well-being and fitness. Yoga, also, doesn't expect the follower to stick to a strict diet or a physical regime. A lot of new Yoga types include dance and prop usage to keep Yoga fun and interesting for followers. Rishikesh yoga centre can help you to find the best yoga plan that suits you.

In India, various cities have Yoga instructors running courses of different levels and time frames. You can find good Yoga instructors in every major city or town, even tourist places have begun running Yoga courses to attract foreign visitors. However, Rishikesh continues to be the most popular town for learning Yoga and learners flock from all parts of the country and the world to get a deeper understanding of Yoga practice.