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Fitness Mantra for healthy living

sayli konde

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At Empower fitness club, every new client is first assessed & suggested a suitable plan for their individual requirements, after which a detailed Body Composition Analysis with Bio-impedance technology is done to record & evaluate their body’s technical health & fitness parameters. The individual goals of the clients are discussed in tandem with their Body Composition data in a personal counseling session. After counseling the client on their individual fitness parameters, a nutrition & diet counseling is given to further complement their program. Thereafter, a detailed exercise program is worked out for the client & their instructors start teaching in detail the exercise technique and postures, starting from basic level & taking the client to advanced level , depending on each client’s optimum level.

A balanced combination of Cardio, Spinning, Strength training, Functional training & flexibility training is given to work on all aspects of fitness – Muscular Strength, Stamina, Cardio-vascular strength, Functional strength, Endurance, Core Strength and Flexibility, and strengthening the body both externally and internally. Exciting Group Classes like ZUMBA, Dance, yoga, Abs, Pilates and Circuit training give clients Fun, Exciting & Energizing work-outs that leave them blissfully Rejuvenated.

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