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Five Important Ways to Secure Your Wireless Network


It is very tough to handle a hacker attack when it is spacious without any security or password into it. Without the wireless security, not only the intruder but anyone gets the authority to get into your network without your permission. That’s call tress-passing, but you are helpless to do anything. Your Netgear Extender Setup also asks to first enter the login details for security reasons to go further.
Wireless security is as important as breathing to anyone because no one wants their network to be hacked; everyone wants to save their home networking system and family members. No one wants to live under threat or want their data or money to be steeled.

Five Important Ways to Secure Your Wireless Network

Let us help you out with some steps that you can implement and fasten your WiFi system.

1. Turn on WPA2 security on your device- In case you haven’t changed the wireless settings and after a long time you tend to change it, there are chances that maybe you are using an outdated technology which will give hackers an open invitation to enter into your network. WPA2 is up-to-date technology that won’t allow hackers to enter without your authorization ever.
It completely depends on how old your device is, maybe your device needs an update and you are supposed to do that I order to secure your device. Your existing device may not support such security but yes the new wireless devices do support WPA2 security.

2. Do not make use of an ordinary SSID (Wireless Network Name)-
It may be a shocking thing for you to know that hackers have the list, which contains more than 1000 wireless network name. In case your network name is on the list, intruders have already had them that will be much easier for them to have full access to it. So in that case, you actually need an extra strong password. If possible create your own network name and do not take help of dictionary words. For more assistance and comfort, you can take the guidance of an IT professional.

3. Built as strong password as you can- Always remember that a short length password is much easy for anybody to hack than a strong one. Do not create network name and password in combination. By doing this you are listing yourself on the top number on hackers list. Always use a password that includes symbols, numbers and alphabets. We believe that a password should be built that have more than 12 characters. Also, note that the number of devices and WiFi network easily catch your device no matter how strong security you have applied to your network.

4. Apply Extender/Router Firewall Security- In today’s era of modern technology, Netgear offers a vast range of products that come with firewall security which helps you to keep intruders miles away from your home network. As soon as you bought your device, you are supposed to configure the firewall security. You can also take the help of Netgear genie setup page by going through mywifiext. For this step, you have to install and enable Netgear genie app on all your smart wired and wireless devices.

5. Turn the Admin via Wireless feature off on your device- This element is a lot much helpful for giving full control in your hands to keep hackers out of your WiFi network. This also ensures that someone who is physically connected with your extender or a router with the help of an Ethernet cable can access the executive features of your WiFi network. It also prevents to turn off other security like your network name, password and firewall security that gives you a valid IP address with a safe, secure and a reliable network.
If the above-shared views are appropriate and helpful for you, do let us know. We are excited to receive your feedback in the comment box that is only designed for you to share and ask the queries related to not working and to secure your wireless network from the attack of unidentified people.