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Ali saud

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Five types of bags that every man should have


Majority of men usually use only boring wallet or bags. So, here we are discussing the latest trends in Bag backpacks for men and variety of male handbags that nobody discusses. Hence, what type of bag you want to carry with you is totally dependent on your taste and needs.

1) Briefcase

The new job always brings new needs, including carrying documents on trips and long trips. The classic briefcase bags style has made its game strong by renewing the system straps and belts. These type of advancements made the handling of briefcases comfortable. So, it is time to give some twist to your boring office style.

2) Shoulder strap

They are the most utilized among men because shoulder strap bags are comfortable. This type of bag make let your hands be free and yes available in all type of materials like leather and nylon. Its medium size helps make it an ideal partner in a busy time. Most of the time this type of bag compliment your casual outfit and yes, don’t you dare to take it if you are planning to wear a suit.

3) Backpack

The backpack is one of the most practical bags styles the men should wear. You can keep everything, from your laptop to your gym shoes, in our backpack. Here is the comfort that prevails over everything, allowing those who wear it not only have their hands free but also distribute all the weigh on the back in a more balanced way. And yes, the best thing about the backpack is that variety. You can find a number of stylish and easy to carry backpacks from any leading online store like Bembel .

4) Tote

Of all the accessories tote bag is undoubtedly the most difficult to introduce into the male wardrobe due to conventions that it only belongs to the female. A change of mentality that has achieved the level where this classic cloth bag becomes a bag which at last starts to be considered as an extraordinary alternative for everyday use.

Its extensive size and rectangular shape give it extraordinary look and practicality. The ample of pockets and compartments provide extra division and space for your essentials. So yay or nay for tote bag is totally up to you.

5) Crossbody bag

Crossbody bags always works unless you are not going to play some sports or gym. It adds more decency in your formal style. You can use cross body bags for keeping keys, phone and wallet moreover it always makes your outfit looks classy. You can pair crossbody bag with any outfit like tracksuit or a formal dress suits. So, don’t hesitate to try this now! You can either buy laptop bags online or opt for corssbody bags as an alternate option.

But yes, before making any decision about buying these bags always analyze your needs. Don’t just go with the trend because, your comfort always comes first so, buy accordingly.