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Food From The Philippines


Food From The Philippines

The Philippine archipelago is blessed with plenty of tropical fruits, seafood, and passionate cooks. It might be a small country but its food is starting to take the international arena. Some might think that the Filipino cuisine is disgusting, it is not true at all. Maybe, there were unable to taste as many or the best food from the Philippines.

There is an endless list of yummy treats in this country. Philippine cuisine is absolutely more than the not-so-pleasant balut or duck embryo.

The Philippine cuisine is divided into different aspects, the food, methods of preparation, and the eating customs. Their styles of cooking and food have evolved over time. The history began from the Austronesian origins to a combination of cuisines of Malay, Spanish, Indian, American and Chinese, as well as other Asian cuisine adapted to the available local ingredients and palate.

There are different ranges; you can find very simple dishes like a meal of rice and salted fish to more intricate paellas. The most famous dishes include longganisa, lechon, adobo, torta, kare-kare, crispy pata and sinigang. Lechon or a whole roasted pig is always present in major occasions like birthday parties, weddings, fiestas, and other gatherings.

Pancit and lumpia are simple to make yet very popular dishes. Afritada, mechado and kaldereta are also a few of the top favorites.

If you want to experience more the Philippine cuisine, you must participate in one of the hundreds of fiestas. Here, you can witness how people work together to prepare more sophisticated Philippine dishes. Usually, the tables are set with expensive and different treats. They spend lots and lots of hours to prepare those.

Lechon is always the centerpiece. This whole roasted pig has a very crunchy skin and to-die-for meat. Although lechon do taste like heaven, it is very high in cholesterol. Your blood pressure might skyrocket while eating these delicacies. But, there is an easy solution to that, it is the earthwell turmeric curcumin. Turmeric is very popular for its medicinal value and its ability to lower and cholesterol level.

Also, you can taste other dishes like relleno, hamonado, and embutido. Of course, you should not miss the mouthwatering desserts like suman and leche flan. There’s more, have a taste of ube halaya, sorbetes or the local ice creams, sapin-sapin and gulaman.

The Christmas Eve (Noche Buena) is the biggest feast of all. During this most-awaited celebration, Filipino families prepare and serve the most delicious recipes they have. Mostly, the queso de bola and ham are the stars of the table. People will flock the supermarkets days before the celebrations to get the freshest and the best ingredients. Red wine, pastries and other very special traditional dishes are present. If you want to try more Filipino native delicacies during the Christmas season, go to the front of Roman Catholic churches where you can buy puto bumbong and bibingka.

Kamayan is a dining style you should try. It is done normally in a Boodle fight presentation. Filipinos were used to eating with spoon and fork, especially during the Spanish occupation. The knife was not widely used as those in other countries.

Today, “Kamayan” or the use of the hands during eating is becoming more popular. This means that you will eat using nothing but your hands, which is already a culture for Filipinos before the country was colonized.

Kamayan become more sensational because it is incorporated with a Boodle fight dining style. This is usually done by the Philippine army. They use banana leaves as their main plates. Rice and different Filipino dishes are placed to enjoy by everyone