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Vanisha Anand

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A relationship of a child or children with their parents are priceless. Losing a parent can be a heartbreaking phase of any child in his life. Charles Loring Brace in some mid 18s was terrified after looking at the situation of New York, he found out that there are more than 30,000 children who have been abandoned by their parents or might have been in a place where they can't be taken care of by their parents. He introduced FOSTER CARE SYSTEM into the world and gave the children a new hope for living a good and healthy life. Foster care system is a great initiative. Many of the countries and states have been in touch with only the negative side about foster care and foster parents. 

Foster Care is a temporary adoption of children by the foster parents. The children are provided with the facilities to live and have a healthy life and not ruin it by getting involved in bad businesses. These are some temporary arrangements made by the people who are willing to help the children whose parents are not able to take care of them. 



Foster system is not binded with the age factor, it helps the children of all ages to get a subtle life till the time the personal family issues are not resolved. Children are given all the facilities so that they feel stable and have a normal life. Foster parents receive payments from the care system to take care of the foster kid. The basic needs of a child like intake of proper food, clothes and other medical checkups. Foster care believes in providing the children a new life for a temporary basis, it doesn't work as a permanent solution. The foster kids either reside at the foster parents house for months or some for years, depending upon the birth parents and children matters to be solved. The foster child is given to the foster parent under the guidance of their guardians. 

To open a foster home, a licence is required. According to the law, a licensed worker visits the house and checks all the safety measures and interacts with members. The foster parent and the social service members work simultaneously and found the suitable foster kid for their home. When the foster parents are working people, foster parents are asked to make certain arrangements for the safety of the child in the house. 


A relationship between a parent and their children is of utmost importance. It doesn't matter if the parent or the children are connected biologically. Foster care looks after the foster kids to give them the environment and helps them to finally build a relationship which is important in everyone's life. The children who are kept in foster care are of more concern as they have been separated from their biological parents. These children suffer from depression, anxiety, grief, separation. These children are then given the opportunity to feel loved, cared and grow with their foster parents. The bond which is created between the two are meaningful, there is commitment, there is love and care and patience from both the sides. A healthy relationship between foster children and parents can be successful when the efforts are made from both sides. The children have to keep up with the ground rules and maintain the decorum of the family. Simultaneously, the parents have to be patient with the children as they might be in trauma or in pain from the separation. A good relationship is formed when there is a mutual understanding between the both.



So as to conclude, giving a new life is a game changer for the children. When there is mutual understanding, the bond can be created in a second and will last forever. Foster care looks after the foster children and with the help of foster parents who are willing to help the children, turns their life and help them to overcome the feeling of separation. They give emotional support to them. It is important to have someone besides you when there is a need.