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Chalkboard paint is everywhere these days. People use it to create fun, interactive photo boards for parties and weddings; it’s used to create statement walls in kitchens and children’s bedrooms; and people even use it to decorate personalized wine bottles and coasters.

You can use it to make special gifts or create a bold first impression in your home. The great thing about this paint? You can use it decorate your space however way you want. Keep it simple, clean, and monochrome, or break out every color in your chalk box and paint the scene electric rainbow.

The most important thing to remember is to be as creative as you like, to have a lot of fun, and make it distinctly “you.”

Here are ways that you can incorporate chalkboard paint into your everyday aesthetic and home decor!


Do you love your plants? How about that herb garden you’re always thinking about growing? Do you live with someone who is always mixing up their basil with their thyme, or their peonies with their pansies?

Look no further than a chalkboard pot! Head down to your local hardware store and pick up a few clay pots and a jar of chalkboard paint. Apply two to three coats of paint, allowing it to fully dry between coat applications. Then, practice your fancy calligraphy skills by writing out the name of your plant on your pot!


Do you have a chest of drawers where things go to disappear? Do you have a penchant for mindlessly storing napkins with your tablecloths, and stacking plates with bowls?

The solution you made need is to repurpose your drawers with a fun and fancy coat of chalkboard paint! Choose a color other than traditional black – think a berry or a royal blue. Again, apply multiple coats, allowing each to dry before the next application round. Once ready to go, write away!


This list wouldn’t be complete without a statement wall. Whether in the kitchen, the playroom, bedroom, or den, a statement wall is a fun, quirky, and dynamic way to infuse personality into your home. They can be used to create reminder lists, beautiful pictures, pen love notes, or fun everyday scribbles (especially when it comes to the younger members of the family!)


I recently saw a photo of a set of stairs where the backboards had been painted in chalkboard paint. Each step had a positive, loving word written on it, encouraging the climber to keep going with each step. Again, you can tailor these projects to your and your family’s personality. If you have young children, ask them to think of words that make them excited to get up in the morning. Writing out fun ideas will make everyone excited to take the stairs!