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Preeti Taneja

Entrepreneur | Posted on |

Gaming Industry is BOOMING (But Is It A Good Career Choice?)


If not COD then at least Candy Crush—even when not a gaming enthusiast, people have still played this game in their downtime. Yes, social media channels and casual web browsing rein the hype-ville. BUT gaming is still the largest segment of the entertainment industry, attracting not just the young bunch as is traditionally believed but also the grown-ups.

According to the European Mobile Game Market 2016 report, there were 2.5 billion video gamers in the world. Now, in 2018, it’s not hard to guess that the number must have significantly boosted high.

Perhaps this is why the video games market is expected to be worth over a whopping USD 90 billion by 2020.

Naturally, with numbers as big and prospects even bigger, the gaming industry has turned heads of the millennial who, much to the disappointment of their parents, dislike traditional career choices like medical and engineering. This has led us to a much-discussed question today—

Is gaming a good career choice?

Unsurprisingly, the answer isn’t as straightforward as people would like it to be. Indeed, the gaming industry is booming. However, relying on progressive technology, its sustainability could very well be debated. Not that games wouldn’t exist 20 or 50 years from now. They will!

However, in what form or origin, one isn’t sure given the scope of AI in this field is still isn’t very clear. Meaning to say, how fast this industry will change and will it be equally profitable tomorrow as it is today—a lot lie loosely on speculations. And when it comes to measuring career success, the majority of people like certainty over risks, assurance over “what ifs”.

This, alone, puts off many aspirants who are initially attracted to the glam of the gaming industry. When thinking up and close, weighing in all the pros and cons, picking up a suitable role here doesn’t seem quite an appealing option for them.

Gaming Industry is BOOMING (But Is It A Good Career Choice?)

Too many perks

That being said though, when measuring the current scenario and expected numbers in the short-run, career in the gaming industry is a holy grail to many young minds. And with expanding reach of this field, the number of opportunities are on the rise too, ensuring no one has to compromise on their ‘real skills’ just for the sake to blend in and experience the thrill of working in this industry.

You don’t necessarily need to be a developer or an animator for that matter. With today’s games so much life-like, where every dimension has to be perfect for the over-critical gamers, the team of makers can span into hundreds, packing a very diverse range of professionals—from creative directors to audio engineers, game artists to level editors, lead artists to narrative copywriters, and product managers to technical artists.

Too many opportunities

So the opportunities are in ample for all—even for the entrepreneurs. We’ve heard many success stories of small teams creating incredible games, in their garages and likes, for Android, iOS, Xbox and PS platforms, and becoming the ‘next big thing’ in this industry. And when in accompany of success – that’s easily measurable – paychecks are just equally big; even bigger than that of traditional career streams.

And isn’t that what a large part of today’s dreamers and career-makers wishes for? More pay, a little bit of risk, plenty of opportunities, and a life with passion.

A career in the gaming industry has it all.

In short, yes, a career in gaming is a great option today. But not necessarily for all. The industry has it all – and even more – that other traditional streams offer. However, it is best suited to a select segment who aren’t really fond of the conventional paths.

Too many opportunities