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Genuine Reviews and Feedback about Sachin Marya: 4 Things You Must Know


The Internet is a virtual paradise, you can dig up knowledge on absolutely anything. Though internet has globally connected the world and brought the humankind on the same page, it has taken something crucial. The Internet has traded sensationalism for credibility. One can hardly know what is true and what’s not, a great aspect for the same comes from social media. Social media has no limits, you can disseminate false information without any credible source or concrete action. The fact has made negative publicity campaigns the black magic of marketing and Franchise India was at the receiving end of it-

There are four key aspects to this bad publicity stunt-

1. Franchise India works in the franchising industry and it’s a cutthroat business. Other companies will do anything to bring you down and being at the pinnacle of it puts a big target on your back. Many companies are drooling over Franchise India’s clientele and will do anything to win them over. The fact that there are no concrete reasons for these complaints leaves the possibility that they might have come from these companies.

2. Sachin Marya is the CEO of Franchise India and he took the center stage for all the heat. He is a young and passionate guy with a knack for business. His early rise has again added the fuel to the fire. Other companies targeted him for everything.

3. While the above two can be possibilities, here is a fact. Everything was nice and happy before the first complaint popped up on social media. The next day it was all over the internet, media took the bait and made news out of it. There was not a single complaint a day before, everything happened in an instance and within 2 days a great brand was put on trial.

4. A quarter of these complaints were posted as employees of Franchise India. These people gave negative Sachin Marya reviews and told lie about the working environment. They claimed the staff to be too authoritative and not helpful but that’s the polar opposite of what’s true. They work like any other company and are keen on helping new employees as franchising is not the most happening business in India.

At last, all these complaints were poorly written with no underpinning reason. They revolved around the same vague concept and used different variations of the same words.