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Ramesh Kumar

Marketing Manager | Posted on | science-technology

Gifts for tech geeks


If you ever had to buy a gift for a tech geek friend, what would it be? An expensive laptop, Play station, or a video game? Technology does not always have to be expensive, and you can choose to give a gift of your choice based on your budget.


If you ever come across this kind of situation where you wonder what to gift a tech geek, then we are to help. In this article, you will get some amazing ideas on what to get for tech geeks. So, let’s get started.


Gifts for tech geeks


Here are some amazing ideas on gifts for tech geeks in different price ranges. 


  • Customized tech gift – A tech gift does not need to be expensive or boring. If you do not want to break the bank for a gift for your tech geek friend and also want the gift to be personal, then you can gift them a Photo Crystal USB Flash Drive. This unique flash drive protects your precious data and works like a regular USB Drive. On the drive, you can get the photo, note, or message of your choice engraved, which will have a 3D effect. As soon as you plug this drive, the engraved photo will illuminate, giving a different shine to the drive and making all the beautiful memories fresh in the memory of the receiver, thus making it a perfect gift for a tech lover. As the drive is small, the receiver can take it with them wherever they go and have a look at it whenever they miss someone special.


  • Laptop – A laptop is considered one of the best gifts for a tech geek. It is a gadget that can be both useful as well as interesting. A wide range of laptops is available in the market according to the spending capacity of a person.


  • Portable battery power- A person who is always busy with gadgets would always prefer to have a portable battery charger. This is one of the most useful as well as budget-friendly gifts for a tech geek.


  • Smartwatch- A Smartwatch works as a fitness tracker which monitors heart rate 24/7, detects all the activities, and can also store hundreds of songs. It gives notifications from iPhone as well as android. This is the best gift for someone who is a tech geek.


  • Smart digital assistant- A Smart digital assistant is a great gift for a tech geek. These are great to talk to and are mostly preferred by all the tech geeks.


  • Power wave stands charger- When it comes to charging phones fast, the Power wave charger comes to play. It works with both iPhones as well as android phones. It can charge the phone without taking out the case. It is a great gift for someone who is who wants a fast-charging solution.


These are some gift ideas that can be very helpful when you are looking for gifts for your tech geek friends. However, giving your friend something useful and personal is always the best idea.