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Aditi Ahuja

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Glam up your Kitchen with the New Whirlpool Carbon Black French Door Refrigerator


Refrigerators these days are much more than a simple icebox. They are a combination of high-end cooling technology and impeccable style. Having a stylish refrigerator could instantly glam up any kitchen. One such latest wonder in the world of refrigerators is the Whirlpool Carbon Black French Door Refrigerator.


It is the best Whirlpool refrigerator with double door design. This style of having a double door design is also called as a French-door refrigerator. It is designed with two, side-by-side doors and a pull-out freezer on the bottom. However, the Whirlpool fridge double door design is not just limited to the top. It has double doors on the bottom too. This means it has four double doors in total, giving your refrigerator plenty of separate compartments for cooling and freezing. 

This latest Whirlpool refrigerator comes in carbon black colour that makes it look uber stylish and trendy. Whirlpool refrigerator reviews call it the perfect international design for your boutique kitchen. This could easily be one of the best Whirlpool refrigerators combining classy style and functionality. 

If these reasons aren’t good enough already, wait till you discover the many features of this Whirlpool fridge. 

Hybrid Cooling Technology

Food never really feels the same after it’s kept in the refrigerator. It could seem a little dry after the refrigerator visit. The Whirlpool Carbon Black French Door Refrigerator eliminates such woes with its revolutionary hybrid cooling technology. This innovative feature reduces direct contact of cold dry air with the food and thus maintains its moisture content and overall freshness even over a long period. 

Crystal-Clear Ice Cubes

No more cloudy ice cubes floating awkwardly in your drinks. This Whirlpool refrigerator promises restaurant quality crystal-clear ice cubes. It gives you the option to create four types of ice, as per size and clarity, depending on your use. You can choose between large to regular size crystal clear ice and large to regular size classic ice.  

Advanced UI Panel

The touch UI panel of this Whirlpool fridge gives you an intuitive control over the functioning of the appliance. You can control nine designed functions including temperature change to choosing different types of ice and even monitoring the ice-making process. 

Ice-Making Indicator

It comes with a one-of-a-kind ice-making indicator that helps you track the ice-making progress. The icon on the UI panel glows according to the extent of the ice formation and tells you when it is ready to use. 

Self-Cleaning Ice Tray

With a push of a button on the UI panel, you can get the ice tray cleaned instantly. The ice tray gets rid of any loose dust by simply flushing it out. 

Energy-Saving Mode

This is the best refrigerator brands in India, as refrigerators from whirlpool offers the best energy saving models. The energy-saving mode of this fridge raises the temperature of the refrigerator slightly to lower energy consumption whenever it seems feasible. Such an energy-saving function can go a long way in influencing your monthly bills.