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Handmade Clothing: What, How and Where


Handmade clothing

So what comes in mind after listening handmade clothing? DIY, stitched by hand, handicraft, running fabric? Handmade clothing includes all the product range including stitched garments and unstitched product that is made from handcrafted textile.

What is handcrafted textile?

Textile fabric that is made or finished manually through handwork and required human action. womens cotton clothing or handcrafted textile include hand-woven fabric, hand block printed, hand embroidered or hand painted fabric. Hand-woven fabrics are developed on the looms through the arrangement of warp and weft. Other process required different skill such as hand printing, embroidery, and painting to develop the final fabric.

Handmade Clothing: What, How and Where

What is special about handcrafted or handmade clothing?  

Did you remember the last you have handmade a card for love one or if someone has gifted you the same. Or did you ever have a handwritten letter/ note? How do you feel about it? Special, loved, cared? Yes, that was handcrafted products and handmade clothing make us feel. Cared, nurtured, personal. In the era of mechanization and mass production, handmade clothing brings exclusivity and fresh airs our life.

It is a long process to develop handmade cloth, it takes effort, patience, and personal attention to develop handmade clothing collection, and same get reflect in the feel and aura of handmade clothing. It is not only about feeling and philosophy we are talking about. If you go through the technical detail of quality handcrafted textile have it brings the same understanding.

• Handcrafted textile is made through the process that is synch with the natural environment and causing any harm to it.

• The dyeing process includes the minimum use of the chemical that makes the fabric skin friendly.

• The structure of handloom fabric has space to absorb sweat and allow fresh air to come in the body.

• Handmade fabric go through the different manual process making it stress-free and easy to skin

Where we can find handmade clothing collection?

There are some enterprises and brand in India which are working with indigenous artisans of India and bringing the beautiful range of handmade clothing. One of such brand is Bebaak. Bebaak is Chhattisgarh, India based start-up working with rural artisans and women's group to develop contemporary handmade clothing for women. Why shop from Bebaak?

• Bebaak has wide product range include cotton dresses, top, tunic, kurta, palazzo, and skirt for women. One of the best things about Bebaak is that they are limiting them self to only traditional wear and prints. Considering the styling and comfort of modern women their collections are the perfect blend of modern silhouette and comfort.

• All their products are authentically handcrafted. They give details of how each collection has been made on their website. If you want to know more, they are happy to share the details of grassroots work

• Bebaak’s collection and product range are synching with trends as well as the style that help you to create some thoughtful and charming style statement for you

• Bebaak also offers size customization of their website. So if you need the outfit as per your specific size that can be done without much hassle!

• Along with authenticity of craft Bebaak also offer product is an affordable range. With the value and goodwill handcrafted products and handmade clothing brings, Bebaak’s price point is perfect

• They offer easy exchange and COD at PAN India

You can check out the handcrafted and handmade clothing range and exclusive cotton summer dressess with trendy look and styling online at Bebaak Studio. You can also get the authentic products with 100% fine and top quality guaranteed.