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Handy Tips to Boost up Your Internet Speed


In this modern era, where technology has reached high-heights, it is impossible to move even a single step without internet. Having a speedy and capable WiFi connection is the need of every human being. In this post, we will tell you how you can make your devices connected with each other and also how to boost up your internet range. On the other hand, if you are a Netgear user we would be honored to help you in Netgear Extender Setup.
Let’s Get Started

Set a limit between Your Bandwidth and Other WiFi Devices

There is no doubt that the usage of internet and its users are increasing day by day. The WiFi signals mess with each other and result in breaking down of the internet speed. The WiFi devices in today’s modern world come with some extra enormous feature that it set a limit of bandwidth for other networking devices. You can go through this process by a simple technique given below.

•    First of all, hit the Windows button on your keyboard or the start icon on your desktop.
•    After that, type gpedit.msc in the search bar.
•    Now, you can see in the dialog box ‘LOCAL POLICY GROUP EDITOR’, look at the left side of the box and click ‘ADMINISTRATIVE TEMPLATE FOLDER’.
•    Here, you have to select your preferred network (right side) and click on the option ‘QoS Packet Schedule’ under ‘settings section’.
•    Next, double-click on the file ‘LIMIT RESERVABLE BANDWIDTH’ and after this successful click, you will see an option ‘NOT CONFIGURED’ (default).
•    Set a limit from 20 to 0 by selecting enable.
•    At last, click OK to continue.
Thus, the above given steps will improve the speed of your existing network and also helps in completing the process of New Extender Setup via mywifiext.

For, your range extender setup you would acquire to have a router updated by the latest version of technology. Moreover,

•    An Ethernet cable so that you can connect them both with each other physically and properly.
•    After that, grab your laptop and PC and connect it with your range extender.
•    Open a web browser and type in the URL or address bar.
•    Here, you will be prompt to fill the default login details to take the process of Netgear extender setup to a successful end.
If you face login issues, then check your internet connection follow some below given points and try again.

Manage Cache

If you want to access any site via internet in a faster way, the very first step you have to do is to clear all the malicious files and malware including cache, cookies, browsing history from your PC. Managing cache heaps up your entire system automatically. On the whole, caches also used to speed up your internet speed, but sometimes it often slows down. However, you don’t have to think much about your internet/ WiFi range.
If you are still experiencing internet issues, then do not hesitate in asking our tech support team.
Make the Use of Your Device Manager

•    Right-click on desktop screen on computer or a laptop.
•    Left click on the Properties.
•    Look at the left panel and select DEVICE MANAGER.
•    After that, you need to expand PORTS section (when a new window appears in front of your home screen).
•    In order to continue, double-click on COMMUNICATION PORT.
•    Click on the PORT SETTINGS.
•    Save the setting, restart your computer and experience the high-range of your internet range all over the house.

If you want to extend, make sure that you are receiving live internet connection from the main router.

Set Up Google DNS to Enhance Your Internet Speed

•    Hit the windows button on your desktop.
•    Go to Control Panel.
•    Click highlighted option (blue) CHANGE ADAPTER SETTINGS.
•    Here, you can see the list of available networks. You just have to select on a network that range belongs to you and whose range you want to extend.
•    Now, take your cursor on the connected network and right-click by selecting PROPERTIES.
•    Now, look for the (networking section) INTERNET PROTOCOL VERSION 4(TCP/IPv4) select and click on the first option from the right side from the bottom.
•    As soon as you have done with the above-mentioned step, choose an option USE THE FOLLOWING DNS SERVER ADDRESSES, and fill the Google DNS value.
•     Continue further by clicking OK.

Restart your devices, before enjoying the high-range of internet speed.
After a successful restart, consider trying for this:

•    Pull up a web browser and type in the address bar.
•    Type the default username and password on the page displayed.
•    A prosperous login will take you to Netgear Genie setup, where you can manage, repairs and wheel up the security,

speed and limit of your home networking system. Moreover, you can also create a protected shield among unidentified people by taking full access in your hand of guest access and parental control feature.
Know more about Netgear genie app and its feature from our tech support team.

We hope that our views shared in this post proved helpful for you. We would like to know more. Drop your queries, suggestion, and feedback in the comment box given below. You are also free to ask for Netgear Extender Support.