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Healthier Ways To Use Technology


Healthier Ways To Use Technology


Technology has changed all the aspects of our professional and personal lifestyles. As technology is increasing, comfort levels are also increasing and it results in inactivity and then various health problems. If you use the Latest Technology or not, it has many effects on your life. Technology helps us if we use it in a projected and safe manner.

But the problem arises when we spend too much time on using gadgets and get dependent on technology more than the limits. You may use Laptops, Mobile phone, and tablets in your daily lives but there are some safe ways to use them and stay fit and healthy both physically and mentally. So, In this upcoming World Health Day, we should make a promise to use technology is a safe manner and follow some guidelines given below.


1. Take Care of your Postrue

Most of the people feel back or neck pain after a prolonged usage period of PC or mobile. This happens because of our bad posture during that time period. If we do not refine and take care of our posture then its negative impacts can lead to various health problems. Always remember to do Healthy Technology Use instead of overusing it.

• Do not hunch over your mobile screens for a prolonged period, try to place the phone as straight as to your normal line of sight.

• Try to make your head and neck as straight as possible with your spine. If you bend your head forward from your body to watch the screen, it will put unnecessary weight on your head and will result in back and neck pains.

Take Care of your Postrue


2. Take care of screen Brightness and Colour

Blue lights of your screen can bring you some problems with your sleep because these lights affect the sleep hormone melatonin. It is advised to dim your screen light and stop using your mobile or laptop two hours before you go to your bed. It will help you to get good sleep. Try to make your screen light mild and easy for the eyes.

Latest mobile devices are coming with Eye-protection modes to regulate the harmful lights emitting from the screens. If you are a pc user, you can use F.lux software which will automatically adjust screen colour to reduce the eye strain and will help you to do a Safe Technology Use.

Take care of screen Brightness and Colour


3. Take Rests

If you use your pc or mobile for long periods then you should stop it or take small rests between if you are doing a job. Because, long sessions of using these gadgets are linked with some serious health issues like Headaches, Blurred vision, Focusing difficulties and headaches, etc.

So, if it is important for you to work on your computer screens then you should take random breaks to provide ease to your eyes and brain.


4. Do not make technology a distraction

If you are a regular gadget user, you might feel a craving to see your mobile or laptop even if you know there would be nothing new there. It is because of dopamine hormone which is highly addictive and releases when we use electronic gadgets. It can affect your daily work routines and your professional life too. Do not use these devices unnecessarily. Try to use gadgets in a certain limit.

Do not make technology a distraction


5. Use technology to keep you healthy

It is true that Technology Can Keep You Healthy because there are many inventions that help us to analyze and improve our health and you can also try them if you want.

• Phillips Smart Sleep

• Nokia BPM+

• Netatmo Healthy Home Coach

• Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring system


We wish you a Happy World Health Day 2019!