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Healthy Sanitation in Your Daily Life

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Sharif Mustajib

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Sanitation is one of the fundamental needs of human being. To have a healthy life, healthy sanitation system is the must. But having healthy sanitation is overlooking by policymakers and we are not conscious adequately. According to a report by WaterAid, 40% citizens of India are deprived of healthy sanitation service. Not only that, in most of the developing countries even in developed countries, public and healthy sanitation service is not available properly.

What is the fact in the sanitation system?

  • In urban areas, there are not adequate public toilets. Thus, people can't perform regular sanitation privilege or practice delayed service. In this case, women and children are the prime victims. According to WHO report in 2018, women face urinary diseases due to having delayed practice.
  • In the rural area, people suffer from the scarcity of water. Especially in post-disaster society, providing urgent sanitary facilities is difficult. As a result, people practice it in the open area and it's the cause of contagious and some other diseases. In India, 0.4 million children suffer from the diseases born by unhealthy sanitation system.
  • In traveling and campaigning, people don't get toilet facilities often. And on the long journey, it's a common issue. people stay a long time without having the natural call. 

Healthy Sanitation in Your Daily Life

Towards the solution 

In such a case, a portable toilet can be the best and sustainable solution in 2019. A portable toilet is such kind of toilet that can be moved around. It can be used for various purposes like in traveling, in a large-scale public program, in a construction site etc. The best features of it are portability. Besides, it's cost effective and sustainable solution for both urban and rural areas. Because it can be made via local raw materials. According to a report by International affairs, the industrial sectors of developing countries are highly dirty and lack of sanitation system, it can be a long-term curse for the whole world. We can provide them with portable toilets so that both parties will be benefited.

In India, the govt. launched Swach Bharat Mission in 2014 (SBM). The plan aims to solve the problem within 2019. To have a sustainable solution, there should be a policy to provide portable toilet for the people.