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Here are the Best Doorstep Smartphone Repairing Startups in India


With the country experiencing massive spurts in regards to smartphone sales, it is only appropriate that authorized repair centers are established, in order to offer standard after sales support to a majority of brands. Moreover, even after the warranties expire, devices need occasional repairs. This is why several doorsteps repairing startups have started showing up, offering third-party facilities to customers who are looking to get their devices fixed. What’s important to note is that the smartphone repairing industry hasn’t previously been regarded as an organized entity and only after the emergence of these startups that standardized processes have been adopted, quite extensively. The most heartening aspect of this mobile repair service industry is that the brains behind the startups have realized and seen the potential of the existing market and are using newer and more innovative technologies for growing bigger.

Here are the Best Doorstep Smartphone Repairing Startups in India

In the subsequent sections we shall look at the most promising doorstep startups offering mobile repair service:

1. Togofogo Repairs

While Togofogo is primarily a marketplace that deals in refurbished, pre-owned, and used mobile phones ; thereby facilitating retails and selective purchases, there is a specialized segment that concerns mobile repairs, including doorstep facilities. As a startup, Togofogo Repairs concentrates on offering extensive quality checks in regards to smartphone repairs besides making Pan India services available to the customers. The best thing about this startup is the availability of additional warranties even on-device repairs. An individual needs to raise a service request and the customer support team contacts the person for learning more about the device and even the extent of the damage. A skilled technician is then sent over and repairs are initiated, almost immediately.


Here is a budding yet comparatively new startup, established in 2015. When it comes to offering mobile repairing services, BUZZMEEH concentrates more on a self-sustaining platform with bootstrapped entities on offer. At present, the services are restricted to the Delhi-NCR region with a 2-hour guarantee on gadget pickup. Doorstep repairing options are also available besides an extensive conglomerate of expert technicians who keep updating the customers regarding the status of the concerned device. BUZZMEEH also offers repair warranties, making it one of the more sought after options, in terms of mobile repair service .


BIGFIX is one startup that has an extended repertoire of services, spanning across laptops and tablets. While most mobile repair startups concentrate primarily on smartphones, this organization comes equipped with an advanced set of services; thereby catering to corporate clients. BIGFIX offers mobile application and web interface for placing repair orders which can be tracked and even paid for, via online avenues. Three service options are available, including On-Site facilities, Pan India Pickup, and In-Store repair solutions.

4. Gadgetwood

Founded by three professionals, this startup comes equipped with agnostic repair services synonymous to tablets and mobile phones. Moreover, this company is also a popular name in the refurbished arena and offers a host of in-house facilities for mobile repairs. Apart from that, warranty support is also available at Gadgetwood. When it comes to toggling between onsite and offsite options, this startup makes things easier for the customers and allows extensive customizability. The best part about this company is that the repairs are completely quality tested and tracking facilities are made available to the customer.


This startup comes with a host of innovative solutions, precisely targeted for the customers. While the existing pickup and drop facilities are rendered free of cost, JUST LIKE NEW offers a standby device to the users, to minimize hassles during mobile repair. The unique, after-warranty space is probably the best in business with the company emphasizing more on customer satisfaction and data security, in regards to the device. Moreover, the pricing here is extremely transparent and the company also comes forth with a 3-month service repair warranty. The most flexible aspect of JUSTLIKE NEW is that cash on delivery is available as a payment option, once the device is repaired and ready to be delivered.

Emergence of startups like the ones mentioned above has played a pivotal role in restructuring the mobile repairing industry. The companies mentioned in this discussion are best equipped when it comes to offering quick, cheap, and reliable repair and support services to the customers; thereby amplifying the overall mobile using experience.