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Sujain Thomas

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Here is a Comprehensive Guide to Child Exploitation


Well, it is necessary for the people or government to take some serious actions against the child exploitation in India. Child exploitation means using children to earn a profit, labor, sexual gratification and many other works also. By doing this, the children’s future becomes dark, and their life stays in the limit. Child exploitation is the problem which spreads all across the world, or you can say that it a global problem.

In India, child exploitation is increasing day by day. Rich people or high-status Company or industry use children of all ages to earn a profit, raise name and fame, for child pornography and many other works which exploit the child and spoils their life. Mostly the poor children in India take participate in child exploitation because in it they made a huge profit. So, to protect children from this problem government create child exploitation NGO in India.

More things to know about child exploitation

The government of India makes new and effective laws to protect children from child exploitation. These laws play an essential role in reducing child exploitation. The government made penalties for those who use a child to get profit and use them to work. The child exploitation In India divided into two categories which are given below –

• Sexual

• Economic

Sexual Exploitation

It means that using all age of children to perform various sexually work or operations. Some of the main operations are like inducing, enticing, persuading, and many other also. The child exploitation spoils the future of all age children. There are some acts which are included in the child exploitation. Some acts are given below about which all users must know –

• Incest and rape

• Providing a child pornographic material

• Involve a child in various types of pornography

• Early marriage and sexual slavery

Not only the above-mentioned acts, but child exploitation also includes transportation of all age children from one place to another to earn a good amount of profit. Not only this, but children also sell to the foreign territory to make use of the children in all above acts.

Economic Exploitation

Economic exploitation relates to the use of a child to get economic gain. To stop this strict laws and punishment made for those who exploit all age children. There are many NGO and law enforcement companies which are against child exploitation. These companies and NGOs are strictly against the child sexual abusing and exploitation.

All the NGOs and law enforcement agencies aim to end the child exploitation and child sexual abusing. Almost 40 countries create a group and join together to stop or overcome this exploitation problem. There are strict laws and penalties made for those who spread the child exploitation and also do child sexual abusing.


So, it is necessary for the people or individuals to know all the basic things about the child exploitation to keep their children safe from the exploitation. People need to stay more alert and aware regarding child exploitation and child sexual abusing.