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Arjun Singh

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Here is How you can Enjoy the Festive Season with a Personal Loan


Festivals usher in quality time to spend with the family, purchase of new things, giving away gifts, home renovation and more.

Amidst the merriment at home, the mounting expenses may be a cause of worry. To meet the demands of these expenses, you can consider availing a Personal Loan. On one hand, it would ensure you do not dig into your emergency funds and on the other, you will not have to compromise or cut short on the happiness quotient during the festive season. 

Here is How you can Enjoy the Festive Season with a Personal Loan

Benefits of availing a Personal Loan

1) No limitation or compulsion of end use

You can apply for a Personal Loan even if you have not yet decided what you want to do with the loan amount. You can utilise the loan amount as and when you like. You can use it to buy a surprise gift for your spouse such as a new car. Or to redecorate your home. A Personal Loan can be used for any purpose. There is absolutely no compulsion to mention the purpose while availing a loan.

2) Quick disbursal facilitates quick use

With an online Personal Loan, you can apply for one, in the comfort of your home, without having to step outside. A Personal Loan is disbursed quicker than other loans. You can also get instant approval on your application.

3) No collateral, less worry

When you are busy choosing gifts for your family, you need not worry about arranging for collateral. Collateral may be called for when applying for a home loan. A Personal Loan, on the other hand, is an unsecured loan, hence there is no requirement of collateral to apply for it. Additionally, in the absence of the collateral requirement, your loan gets disbursed quickly.

4) Minimal documentation

As compared to other types of loans, the process to avail the Personal Loan is simpler. Most banks/financial institutions approve Personal Loan applications with minimal documents, like address proof, income document, and id proof. Lenders like Bajaj Finserv have simple criteria in the eligibility of a Personal Loan. You can check your eligibility through the Personal Loan eligibility calculator.

5) Easy repayment options

A festival well spent ensures there is no shortage of happiness brimming in your house. However, the post-festive season is when reality strikes. The cost of purchases can create a dent in your finances. But with a Personal Loan, you are assured of peace of mind. You can repay the loan amount gradually through monthly EMIs. In fact, you can make use of a Personal Loan EMI calculator to calculate how much EMI you can pay, well in advance, so that you can budget the rest of the year accordingly. With a Personal Loan EMI calculator you can decide the tenure and accordingly the EMI you want to pay each month.

So don’t let the lack of finances dampen the spirit of your festivities. A Personal Loan can help you make your loved ones feel special in this festive season.