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High-Cost Vs. Reasonable Cost Vs. Low-Cost surveillance camera: which one you should select


Cost wise there are many video surveillance camera available in the market, we all are always confused while selecting the suitable camera. To make the selection process easy we can keep the video surveillance camera in three price category High-Cost, Reasonable Cost and Low-Cost camera. Here are the few points which may help you in selecting the proper camera, although selecting a suitable camera is always a personal choice.

A number of factors are involved in deciding the price of the camera like:

Local labour Cost

The Import duty(Most of the surveillance camera are imported in most of the country)

The quality of hardware used.

The quality of lens and sensor used.

The quality of Video compression used.

1.High-Cost video surveillance camera

A high-cost video surveillance camera is definitely a high-quality product and certainly gives you the sense of comfort and brand ownership you are looking for, if the project is very sensitive and budget permits it is highly recommended.Please find the pros and Cons of the same.


Best available quality of hardware used.

Provides high-quality image

The colour is almost equal to natural.

Best video compression used.

Uses lesser bandwidth.

Occupy less storage space.

Stores high-quality image.

Good online and offline support.

Security protection available, generally hack proof.

Brand and ownership value.

Provides quality SDK for configuration and implimentation.


High Cost

Delay in delivery.

2.Reasonable or Medium -Cost video surveillance camera

The market is flooded with reasonable or medium cost video surveillance camera, we need to be very careful while selecting since very few of them maintain quality with reasonable pricing. Not all the reasonably priced brands are a good product, most of them are fly-by-night operators. A long-lasting brand with reasonable pricing is always the good choice, they follow the minimum basic business ethics and maintain the quality throughout.

How to find good quality reasonably priced brand: Look for the following

Long-lasting in the market(avoid fly-by-night operators).

Continuous product development

Good local Support Systems

Maintains minimum basic business ethics.