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High Protein Weekly Food Plan For 2021

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Clark Justin

@ Content Writer | | Food-Cooking

Unlike the old concept of a healthy lifestyle and losing weight by reducing diet and extensive exercise, present times call for balance. Balance is the new key concept to achieve your desired body, be it losing weight or increasing muscles. Balance refers to a moderate amount of exercise with a slight adjustment in your diet. The key ingredient of diet is protein. So, let's have a high protein dive to come out stronger and healthier for 2021.


Proteins can be referred to as the building blocks of life since every cell in the body contains protein. Their existence in the diet helps in repairing cells to make the new ones. It also helps in the growth of hair, muscles, and offers overall development. This shows us the crucially of protein in the diet. They are needed in large enough amount to be accessed by all the body cells to maintain good health.

Especially, the proteins play a significant role in times of illness and stress. They help cope with the excessive strain on any body part or mind and recover quickly.

High Protein Weekly Food Plan

With all the needed information about proteins in hand, it's time to jump forward to our weekly food plan. Have your notebooks ready to note the required ingredients you can grab from the health food store So, let's get started.


Breakfast: Start your day with a wholesome meal comprising of 3 scrambled eggs, three slices of grilled lean smoked meat paired with spinach or any other greens of your liking, and lastly, a buttered/ or toasted whole-wheat portion. As for the drink, you can go for a single orange or half grapefruit.

Lunch: This mealtime will be short and yummy. Take two slices of whole-wheat bread and combine it with tuna and low-fat mayonnaise. As for the drink, you can go for a single orange or half grapefruit.

Dinner: Treat yourself to some white meat sided with vegetables. Make sure not to have it deep-fried to retain its good ingredients. It is preferred that you grill it or bake it. For vegetables, the best option can be broccoli and potatoes.


Breakfast: For the second day, go for a delicious mushroom and cheese omelet. The amount of egg can vary from two to three. You can add a lightly buttered whole-wheat slice.

Lunch: Prepare yourself a sandwich with two slices of whole-wheat bread filled with tomato, lettuce, low-fat mayo, and some grilled pieces of white or red meat. Add orange juice to make it an ultimate treat.

Dinner: For our last meal of the day on day-2, grill some salmon along with vegetables. Have it with approximately 50 to 75g of brown rice. This will make sure to have you filled while keeping it light.


Breakfast: Start your day with a sausage and cheese omelet using four eggs. For the sideline, you can have whole meal toast with a little butter.

Lunch: For lunch, you can have fish and avocado salad with salt, pepper, and lemon.

Dinner: For Wednesday night, you can have honey and mustard chicken. For the sideline, you can have 75g brown rice.


Breakfast: For today, treat yourself with three scrambled eggs, sided with some cherry tomatoes and sliced red pepper.

Lunch: Have a grilled chicken sandwich with avocado and tomatoes on whole meal bread.

Dinner: For tonight, you can have simple grilled beef burgers.


Breakfast: Start your day with two soft-boiled eggs along with one slice of whole meal bread.

Lunch: It'sIt's a salad day! Mix some lettuces, chopped green bell paper, onion, tomato, baby corn, mushrooms, salt, and pepper. You can add a little salad dressing to make your meal tasty.

Dinner: For dinner, you can make yourself some delicious prawn curry.


Breakfast: Combine scrambled eggs with avocado and a slice of whole-wheat toast. Have an immunity-boosting smoothie too made from apple, berries, spinach, carrot with honey and ginger for an added kick.

Lunch: Toast two whole meal pieces of bread with cheese, then add some onion, low-fat mayo on top of the cheese, and finally some grilled fish, then put the slices together.

Dinner: Make it a veggies night. Stir fry some onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, olives, and whatever vegetables that you enjoy eating. Add some vegetable stock in it too, and serve it with some broccoli.


Breakfast: The last day's first meal calls for simplicity. Therefore, go with chia seed pot and nuts or oats and nuts.

Lunch: Have some roasted red beef with vegetable gravy for light and fulfilling delight with some cheddar cheese.

Dinner: Let's keep it a beef day with another beef sandwich; combine it with some greens, onion, and low-fat mayo. You can add Greek yogurt mixed with some frozen berries too.

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