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Home remedies for pimples


Pimples which are also called as acne and occur when your skin’s glands are overactive and flames became inflamed. It differs from skin to skin and for some people has different types of skin bacteria may make pimples worse. Pimples can appear anywhere on the skin, most seen part faces.

Here are some home remedies for pimples

Lemon Juice

Lemon is fruit we can get easily which is being used in the kitchen. It contains vitamin C and has acidic properties to fight off acne-causing bacteria. The best use of lemon juice is a natural one by squeezing a lemon. The stored lime juice might be harmful because it contains with preservatives. Lemon juice can be applied on face overnight and wash it with lukewarm water in the morning if you are facing acne problem. Some might get allergic with lemon so it is not recommended to them.


Cucumber juice not only treat and prevent acne, but it also helps and improves the texture of your skin. The juice of cucumber gives a cooling effect on the skin which will help to decrease the inflammation and redness of the skin. It also filled with cleansing and moisturizing properties and dispute against free radicals.


Toothpaste might work as an ordinary facial mask. It will help in drying up the pimples and absorbing excess oil from the skin. Apply toothpaste to the affected area. This is one of the very effective home remedies for acne like whiteheads or blackheads. Do not use toothpaste made from gel or those containing whitening properties should be avoided at any cost. These products contain different chemicals that can harm sensitive skin.

Before applying toothpaste first put an ice pack to the affected area that helps to soothe your pores. Then apply a small amount of toothpaste to the acne and let it dry for 30 mins, later wash it off.


Honey which tastes like sugary and sticky that can help to remove dirt from your skin and is excellent for blackhead removal. It is a natural and highly effective antibiotic which helps to heal and reduce pimples. The content present in the honey restricts bacteria from multiplying. Honey has more health benefits and it is one of the best for pimples because of its anti-inflammatory qualities.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree oil helps you to reduce redness and dry out pimples, it is one of the effective natural remedies can be used. This is one of the antibacterial properties which helps to gradually reduce the pimples and spots. It also works well in eliminating blackheads or whiteheads so you can get the clear skin you’ve always wanted.

Green Tea

Green tea isn’t just well-known for its health benefits, it is also famous for its ability to fight acne. This tea can help you to heal a pimple in no time. It even has antioxidant compounds to slow down the premature aging. Simply lay a cool tea bag on the affected area or you can wash face in that.

These are some home remedies which might help you to cure the pimples and try it with proper consultation.