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Priyal Verma

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It’s human nature to want to be accepted in society,to be acknowledged and appreciated and not berated for something you have no control over.We all have a very narrow view of acceptance , it’s easy for us to hate what we do not understand so we go and we do that,unaware of the repercussions it may have on others.This is all very evident from the past events of hate crimes that have been committed against people we don’t understand and the worst part is we don’t even try to. Homosexuality has been one of the most misunderstood concepts and hence,most of the victims of hate crimes are homosexuals.Homosexuality was an alien thing to people as they felt it was absolutely unnatural and against the laws of nature .The arguments thrown were bizarre as to how heterosexuality was the only one option love could be celebrated in the way of physical union and how homosexuality was called just a ‘phase’. We never pondered for a second as to how we were trying to emulate the way someone’s body reacts naturally. How we expected an adolescent to pulverise something that he/she felt strongly and how we were promoting them to live under a facade. How we were conditioning into her/him the idea of intolerance towards something alien at such an age where the mind is like a mould,which then cements into anything taught at that age. How we were denying their own free will to them.

The history is evidence of the presence of homosexual behavior as subtle hints through ages in works of Shakespeare to Plato and to the discussion of the contemporary queer theory. This proves that even in those times, there was a possible attempt to normalize the stigma that revolves around homosexuality which sadly still remains in almost every corner of the world.The hate crimes against homosexual people have been staggering high.Even in countries where homosexuality is legal,there are reports of homosexual people being targeted with bullying or physical assault or even homicide.The cases show the inhumanity and extreme brutality of people as it is said that it was rare for a victim to just be shot he/she is usually strangled to death or mutilated in a barbarous manner. Toping onto this,there are laws written in various constitutions that penalize homosexuality and consider it a crime. How odd it is that people do not understand how it is as natural as being straight and there is nothing that can be done about it,it shows how erroneously wrong our concepts are and how we lack empathy.People think that homosexual orientation may increase in frequency if there were to be social tolerance but it would only mean people coming out of the closet. Aside from physical assualt, homosexual people had to suffer from mental assault too. Besides hiding their innate nature and true self they had to listen to how people considered homosexuality as nothing but a state of mind and a mental illness until recently when it was proved otherwise.

This is slightly evident of the changing times where people have to an extent opened up to this new possibility especially after USA legalised gay marriages. This led to pride parades happening all over with people telling their stories and celebrating love. We still have a long way to go but it’s overwhelming to see how love is beginning to triumph all.