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Shreya Dixit

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How Aadhaar linking Help in Preventing PAN fraud- Alankit Limited


With the increasing fraud cases of PAN, over 11.35 lakh came to Supreme Court notice from UIDAI. Such duplicate PAN and fraud pan is detected and deleted to avoid further fraud. 

Do you know that there is an increase in the number of PAN fraud and duplicate case in India in past few years? With this, you need to be active and take steps to prevent fraudulent use of your PAN number. So it is important to know “how Aadhaar linking Help in Preventing PAN fraud?” As per a recent report from UIDAI to Supreme Court over 11.35 lakh cases of duplicate and fraud PAN are reported and are now deactivated or deleted. Thus, if you have PAN card, it is necessary that you link your Aadhaar card with PAN to prevent its fraud and duplication of PAN cards and linking to a database. 

How Aadhaar linking Help in Preventing PAN fraud- Alankit Limited

The report also states that fake PAN cards were used in several companies for various purposes. For this, linking the PAN to Aadhaar is necessary to ensure that this does not happen. In order to help such companies or individuals to link Aadhaar with PAN, alankit assignments limited is the best service provider. As per the alankit assignments limited frauds report, only experts can figure out the actual gap and provide a helping hand. The report also says that there is a huge gap between the taxpayers and PAN holders. This means re-verification is needed to ensure that no duplicate PAN is used. 

For this, verification is needed that is possible with the use of the Aadhaar number and PAN needs to be lined to it for biometric and iris scan verification. In order to ensure that a single PAN is allotted to a particular person, it is best to seed the application with Aadhaar number. So far various fraud cases are reported with the fraudulent use of PAN like black money, curbing terrorism, money laundering and delivery of subsidies and other government benefits directly to the beneficiary. This is the actual reason for rolling out the Aadhaar and making it mandatory for every individual.  

Recently, it is also a good move by the Indian government to link the Aadhaar with the mobile phone number for all the Indians. This will further keep a check on fraud use of PAN and all the updates will be available over the phone easily. Technical experts have also cleared that biometrics are the safe and accurate technology that can easily prevent bank frauds, money laundering, income tax evasion, terrorism and other frauds. Thus, look for the experts who can help or assist you in linking Aadhaar with PAN and mobile number to prevent misuse of your PAN number. In order to serve people, alankit assignments limited frauds is an aid to all such PAN holders to easily link their PAN with Aadhaar. For this, there are experts who provide both online guide and offline help to handle this process easily. It is best to stay away from any fraud and take corrective action before it is too late. UIDAI cleared that Aadhaar linking to PAN is an effective way to prevent such frauds and every Indian should ensure that they protect their PAN from such misuse.