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How Dry and Wet Pet Food is Manufactured


Pet food is considered as specialty food for animals which are domesticated and formulated as per nutritional needs. Typically, pet food comprises of meat byproducts, meat, vitamins, grains, cereals and minerals. Pet foods that are commercially manufactured are dried initially and in a biscuit-style. 1930s heralded in canned food and a meat meal, dry sort of dog food. Some innovations by the decade of the 1960s brought the use of pet food extruder manufacturers. They started to make dog food in dry expanded type, cat food in dried form and semi-moist pet food.

How Dry and Wet Pet Food is Manufactured

Making of Dry Pet Food

There are various ways to manufacture dry pet food. The most commonly used method is extrusion. The extrusion process was adapted to make pet food back in 1950sbased upon the technique used to manufacture puffed cereals. A brief illustration of the process is described below:

-Ingredients are gathered together in the mixer. Dry ingredients are grounded before introduction to other wet components. Once the ingredients are mixed, they form a dough which is moist.

-The mixture now is heated in a preconditioner before introduction to an extruder.

-Essentially, the extruder is a giant-size meat grinder. In the extruder, the primary phase of cooking for dry pet food items (extruded) occur. The dough is then cooked under extreme pressure and heat as it goes towards the extruder’s open end. At the extruder’s end, hot dough passes through a knife and shaping die where the tiny pieces expand instantly into kibble once they find themselves under normal air pressure.

-Kibble is now dried in the oven until the content of moisture is low enough to make its ledge stable just like a cracker. The stove is now left for cooling.

-After cooling kibble passes through a machine which sprays on the coating.

-Packaging such as pouches etc. is filled in the last phase to precise quantities to meet the weight as mentioned in the label of pet food extruder manufacturers. The final result is dry pet food.

Making of Wet Pet Food

The illustration of wet pet food process is briefly mentioned below:

-Ingredients are mixed in the mixer

-Clean and empty containers are filled in specific amounts to meet the specified weight, as mentioned in the label.

-Lids are applied, and jars are sealed.

-Sealed jars are cooked at a specific temperature for the desired period to kill harmful bacterias and other organisms. After the period, containers are left to cool.

-Once cooled, stickers are applied to jars. The result is finished wet pet food.