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Layla Tovey

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How Essential is Purified Water for Your Teeth?



How Essential is Purified Water for Your Teeth?

A beautiful smile is the crowning glory of any person. A pearly white jawline makes a person look smarter. Hence, many people are conscious of taking self-care measures in order to keep their teeth healthy. But only a few would realize that one measure that would have a long-lasting effect on your teeth is the use of clean drinking water.


Different types of water have different effects on our health. While tap water is full of minerals but it is also laden with contaminants which are harbingers of various hazardous diseases. Though many people prefer drinking only bottled mineral water assuming it to be safe and pure, they are unaware that it is in reality far from being true. Bottled water often has been sealed for months and many are stripped of all the minerals including fluoride. Therefore, it is important to buy only from trusted sources such as Plastic, in general, is not a healthy material for storing any food items for long periods as they become susceptible to bacterial overgrowth. Hence, RO purifiers are the healthiest water for drinking purposes.


However, it is advisable to do a generous amount of research and get a sufficient amount of reviews before embarking on a decision about choosing the water purifier. Agood water purifiereffectively removes all the contaminants but inserts the essential minerals that help in the proper functioning of vital organs.



Keeps your teeth clean

Water is not only essential for survival and laden with a multitude of health benefits. One such benefit that is often overlooked is the great contribution to healthy teeth. Drinking water that contains fluoride helps to enhance the strength of the teeth and protects them from cavities. However, many water purifiers while removing the salts present in water also tend to remove the necessary calcium and fluoride. This is why fluoride is known as “Nature’s cavity fighter”.


Cleanses your mouth

It is not just for namesake that young children are taught the habit of rinsing the mouth after every meal. An important part of oral hygiene is rinsing your mouth with purified water to wash away the bits of food sticking on the teeth. Bacteria that live in the mouth thrive on the leftover food and produce acids. These acids gradually erode the teeth enamel, which exposes it to sensitivity to hot or cold food. Also, water being alkaline in nature helps to neutralize the acidic content in the mouth.


Keeps away dry mouth

Do you know why cavity-causing bacteria generally are more active during the night? It’s because people sleep during the night. This long gap of 6-7 hours gives it ample opportunity to do their job as the mouth produces less saliva. Salva is the body’s best defence against cavity-causing germs. A dry mouth is the perfect setting for bacteria to do its work. Hence, sipping on water at least before going to bed and after waking up is a good idea.


Low in calories

Water in its simple plain form is very low in calories. This helps it score over sweetened beverages like tea, coffee, soda which tend to stay behind on your teeth. Cavity-causing bacteria feeds on anything sweet and tends to multiply their numbers if we eat too much sugary stuff. Hence, whenever you feel like drinking something, drink your thirst with water rather than consuming sweetened beverages.



Oral health is something we all should focus more on. Since we eat and drink through our mouth, it’s important that we maintain good oral health. Opting for purified water can truly contribute a lot towards maintaining our overall health.