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How Highway toll plaza can prevent or minimize the accident


How Highway toll plaza can prevent or minimize  the accident

The major cause of the accident on a highway is over speeding , mainly on the highway people fail to maintain the speed limit. A toll plaza on the highway will be very useful and can play a major role in preventing or minimising the accident by way of monitoring the average speed between the tolls. The toll plaza can also become a stress buster point which is also another cause of the accident. The government can enact a highway speed limit law for each category of vehicle, the toll plaza software can be upgraded for monitoring the speed of each vehicle. It might not be applicable for crowded or very busy toll plaza, we can identify the toll plaza where this can be easily implemented.

How toll plaza can prevent or minimise the accident.

Controlling speed

Since the distance between the plaza is fixed, we can easily calculate the time taken by each vehicle to reach next toll plaza and thus we can calculate the average speed by which vehicle travelled between two toll plazas. If the average speed found more then prescribed speed limit the driver should be punished as per established law.

         How to implement speed controlling mechanism

1. The entire mapping of speed is possible with a small update in toll collection software itself.

2. Average speed=Distance(between two toll plaza)/Time( can be automatically obtained from two toll plaza entry).

3. The systems generated receipt mentioning all details( average speed, toll tax amount etc) can be handed over to the driver of the vehicle. The average speed can be highlighted, a warning can be activated on or before reaching threshold limit.

4. In case of online payments, the systems will generate receipt only for average speed.

5. In case of an offender, the systems will generate a punishment challan as per established law of the land.

A quick basic information centre for driving rules, road guide, lanes understanding etc

A toll plaza can be utilised to provide the quick basic information for a new driver or a driver who is unknowingly unaware of some important rules. Many a time we look for some important information but unfortunately we don’t get it easily.

driving rules and precautions

road guide

lane rules

men at work

prior information regarding diversion ahead

special precautions during night driving.


More amenities and entertainment point at the Toll plaza

A toll plaza should be converted into a multi-utility and stress buster point by way of providing more amenities and attractive facilities. The stress is also another cause of the accident on a highway, the toll plaza can be utilised to attract the driver and passenger to relax.

Minimum amenities at a toll plaza

1. Emergency first-aid health centre.

2. Highway Ambulance.

3. Highway patrol and police vehicle.

4. Refreshment centre.

5. Restroom.

6. Emergency vehicle service centre.

7. Sufficient parking space.

8. High-resolution number plate reading camera.

9. Security.

10. Basic centre for driving rules, road guide, lanes understanding etc.

11. Information centre

12. Etc.

A guide for highway rule and traffic sign

Check-in for Toll Plaza details in India

Log in for FASTag Online toll recharge and other details in India

highway emergency contact number India –1033

download “Sukhad Yatra” App from NAHI for all your ready information.

Check for other country highway emergency number – source Wikipedia


A huge amount of money is already spent in creating toll plaza infrastructure, the same infrastructure can be utilised in preventing the accident. The respected authority of each country can work out the fine print of implementation. The speed and unawareness is a major cause of an accident, we must take all possible steps which can be useful in preventing the accident.

looking forward to your feedback and suggestion.