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How I Boosted My Blog Rankings Using these Advanced SEO Strategies


After I had a separation with my co-accomplices I was left with just two websites i.e All Tech Buzz and All India Youth. These two were my principle websites from which I needed to produce income. I didn't had whatever other blog which was creating income, likewise I ceased specialty blogging as it was present moment and I would not like to do anything for transient outcome. I am not saying you to stop specialty blogging, I began specialty blogging to make cash quick, however now my essential objective isn't moment pay as we are now supported from Angel Investors. Along these lines, the fundamental objective is to fabricate some great items which can be robotized. Among these two websites All India Youth was stuck in connivance for few reasons which I can't uncover here. Along these lines, I delayed chipping away at that blog aswell. Presently I was left with just a single blog i.e All Tech Buzz from which I ought to create pay. Ofcourse I was running couple of administrations from which I was profiting however pay produced from administrations isn't steady. It can go here and there every month.

Along these lines, after a great deal of conceptualizing I chose to deal with my very own blog All Tech Buzz and recover its rankings to typical. After I began organization I didn't put much concentrate on this blog rather took a shot at sites utilizing which we can create a framework. At that point I chose to utilize All Tech Buzz just to mark reason and quit posting articles as often as possible. In the event that you have seen recent months my article check was less previously. Later I began one more blog called All India Roundup, anyway I realized that its going to set aside some time for this blog to perform well. Along these lines, even All India Roundup was not creating any pay. To grow an organization exponentially we require items that keep going for long run. Hence I didn't had any desire to take any alternate way by building such a large number of links(Black Hat Techniques) which may give results in a split second however the blog will be dead following multi month or two. I didn't need that to occur.

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For what reason was All Tech Buzz Penalized?

How could I Boost My Ranking?

Connections are great however such a large number of them is Bad:

Connection Removal Process:

Diminished the quantity of Ads Above the Fold:

Fix Broken Links:

Diverting 404 Pages:

Refreshing all the Old Articles:

For what reason was All Tech Buzz Penalized?

Amid my underlying long stretches of blogging, I was very little mindful of SEO. I was learning SEO well ordered. In this procedure I came to realized that a blog with great number of connections does well with Search Engine Rankings. At that point I began working energetically on third party referencing. For the love of all that is pure and holy my third party referencing worked. My blog was doing greatly well with every one of the catchphrases. I was overpowered and didn't stop the third party referencing over yonder. I went for couple of something beyond. I additionally requested a ton of gigs on Fiverr and SEOclerks which gives EDU and GOV backlinks which are considered as most ground-breaking backlinks previously.

After that I have halted third party referencing as I was at that point doing truly well with a few a great many backlinks. My blog did well for few days however gradually the positioning got down step by step. That was not unexpectedly, so I was not ready to see whether that is a punishment or because of less recurrence of posting. Yet, it was really a punishment that has been activated on my blog i.e Penguin.

I had one more hit alongside the penguin i.e my blog was erased by blogger and I made a move to wordpress. Amid the movement procedure I lost numerous articles bringing about parcel of 404 and broken connections.